Wednesday, 17 August 2016

why you should never lose 'the intern' mentality

‘Just give it to the intern.’

‘The intern will do it, she’s over there somewhere…Think she’s got blonde hair?’

‘Just tell them you’re the intern and they’ll let you in’.

these are all real life comments that have been directed at me during my two year on/off stint interning in london PR houses and publications. this all sounds very devil wears prada, and may have left some characters crying and storming out the door at the lack of respect. but i simply continued packing bags, getting lunches, steaming gorgeous blouses worth thousands. quietly continuing with the job in hand, gaining respect from people as i didn't moan or complain about the work i was being given. 

and i like to think that i've transferred that intern mentality into my working life. 


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Good Reads: August Edition

is there any better feeling than finishing a book, closing it and feeling completely and utterly detached from the real world? like you've been so absorbed in this fictional story that reality no longer exists, and everything around you can only be related to the words you've just drank in?

maybe eating a great macaroni cheese, but that's about it. 

reading is as natural to me as breathing, and recently the bookworm bug has well and truly bitten me. my money goes on books books books, and my modest bedroom in my shared house is struggling to keep up with my addiction. i tell anyone and everyone who will listen this book will change your life, and i feel a duty of care to you all to share some of my latest favourite reads - to inspire new waves of creativity and inspiration amongst you all, or at least, the opportunity for you to escape for a few hours from brexit madness, shootings, and z list celebrities having well choreographed 'melt downs' on the mail online.

behold - my august reads.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

instagram stories: good for the big guys, bad for the little guys

aah instagram. since you burst into my life six years ago, we have been on quite the journey. from the awkward selfies of 2010, to the more staged and filter edits of 2016, our relationship has been turbulent. Sometimes I hate you, as you remind me just how unattractive I am without your pesky little filters, but most of the time i love you, as you allow my creative side to flair out in a blur of colourful pictures and hilarious captions. we've grown up together...

but right now, i feel like you're going through your awkward teenage years. 

hello instagram stories, you were quite the surprise..

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