Sunday, 8 May 2016

the death of the outfit post

these photos were meant to illustrate the new ivy park leotard i bought. i was meant to tell you that i wore it with high waisted jeans and vagabond boots. i was also going to wittingly place an anecdote in here about how i bought it in an XS because i was so desperate for it i couldn't wait for my own size, and although it fit it was definitely snug. i was also supposed to say how it was in topshop, and would look great in the upcoming summer months.

but then i realised, this does not matter anymore.

blogging, if you've been keeping up, has changed. three years ago when i started on this online roller coaster, it was more than enough to upload a grainy iPhone 4 image of yourself standing in your hallway in disco pants and a sequinned crop top, telling the readers this is a 'fab outfit for a night out', and that you'll be posting your make up regime soon. outfit posts were everywhere, and there was no arty murial wall left unphotographed as fashion bloggers everywhere got their pose on.

fast forward to 2016, and it's a very different story.

the days of mediocre photography are gone, and bloggers are almost sneered at if they're photos are taken *snorts* on a PHONE! you need to make sure your photos are edited, taken on an SLR or (most commonly) an Olympus Pen with dat sweet sweet pancake lens* (*no shade - i do this). along side the need for incredible photography, it is rare that you find an outfit post simply explaining the outfit anymore. the copy seems to be more insightful, or commenting on a subject close to the bloggers heart. 

and i have to say, i like this change.

as a young twenty-something working and living in the digital age, i am inspired daily by things i see, hear and read. i'm surrounded by new things everyday, be it at work, or out and about. i have started attending workshops, feminist discussions, reading more, and learning every day. i've realised i need to start articulating these moments more on this page, before i forget them. i wake up most days telling myself 'today is the day i write a book...' or 'today is the day i wear that weird skirt and feel confident...', and i've finally realised that if i am to achieve this little dreams, i can start with being more honest on this blog. fashion fumblings is my online bedroom, and as with your real bedroom, it's due an upgrade...because no one has the same wallpaper that they did when they were seven, do they?

i was 19 when i created this blog, and i mostly did care about what i wore, and why i liked it so much. and don't get me wrong, i still love a good trivial matter. the moment blac chyna announced her pregnancy, i WhatsApped about 5 of my friends HORRIFIED and discussing Kris Jenner's reactions. i get worked up about people parking in my space, and often spend hours worrying if the bacon i just cooked was still raw. i love the dailymail, and deep down i know i'll continue taking outfit posts when it suits me. but i want it to be more than photos. i want you to read what i'm saying. and i want to start being who i am at 23 on this blog.

so let's make a pact - i'll start being a bit better with my copy, and you'll start reading it... ok?

because, quite frankly, i think the world is tired of ripped jeans and floral dresses.

until next time xo 


  1. Aw this is perfect! I definitely have seen a change myself in the outfit posts. I like to write about what I'm wearing sometimes and other times, a bit more deep. Although, I fear nobody actually reads what I have to say. It's a tricky one. Good luck with this change and you can count on me to be reading!

    Katie x x

    1. ash thank you lovely - it has definitely seen a real shift, and it's difficult to know what to share sometimes... but let's hope it's for the better :) xx

  2. Loved this post! I still do weekly outfits and try to tell a story behind the clothes and how the outfit came about. I jdon't st really like to look back and see what I used to wear (and be shocked of that haha) x

    Everything But The Kitchen


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