Monday, 11 April 2016

kourt k - kylie cosmetics review

(kourt k - kylie cosmetics)

so there i was. relaxing on a sunday evening, with no plans to splash the cash or seriously damage my debit card...when i see an update on twitter with the words every girl wants to hear...


i threw caution to the wind, ran upstairs with a million reasons as to why i DESERVE this lip kit running through my mind. 'it was your birthday 3 months ago.... you hurt your toe yesterday.... you haven't bought anything in 24 minutes...' and sure enough, in a wild frenzy of refreshing and hoping...kourt k by kylie jenner was mine.

if you've read this previous post about my candy k experience, you'll already know that i'm a fan of ms.  jenner's matte offerings, so it's no surprise that i am again a big fan of this more dramatic shade. but let's start over, as this is a totally different kettle of fish.

kourt k is a deep plum shade, a vampy purple that in some lights can look black. i love this about it, as in certain shades people might not know what you're rocking, and then the sun hits and BAM you're basicallyy a goddess. 

when you first apply the colour, it does make you breathe in for your life a little. when i first swiped the vanilla-smelling formula across my lips i felt a little bit like i'd smeared chocolate across my lips. this is in no ways bad, as it proves just how pigmented and colourful is is...but it does also mean there's no room for error. when this bad boy drys, you better hope you were tidy with your application or you're going to have one hell of a job taking it off to re do. just saying. 

i would recommend covering all of your lips in the lipliner as a solid colour base, this way the lipstick then has something to stick to and if there are any cracks you have colour underneath to even it out. it's the perfect shade for a vampy night out, teamed with all black eerrythang and a bit of sass then you're good to go. i actually wore this cleaning round the there's definitely room for, erm, versatility with this colour.

i am definitely biased after purchasing two lip kits now, and i truly mean it when i say they're worth the pressure of the restock, the wait for delivery, and even the extra customs if you're unlucky enough to have to pay for it. they're super pigmented, really long lasting (seriously NOTHING removes these...), and just gorgeous colours. i am beyond excited for her metallic range coming. 

kylie girl, what you got up your sleeve next?

until next time xo



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