Sunday, 6 March 2016

three social media struggles we all face

ah the internet. a wonderland of wisdom. a tardis of tempting treats. a paradise of posing... and also a whirling inferno of mistakes waiting to happen. social media has introduced us a new world of issues, problems that no one had to deal with twenty years ago. even in today's digital society, there's still no guide on how to handle these faux pas.

we've all felt the digital doom. that moment where you know whatever you've just done is NOT right. your palms get sweaty, you feel sick, and you want to chuck your stupid iPhone at the wall because it was definitely their fault and not yours. damn you steve jobs. 

here are my top three social media issues we all face, the most obvious mortifying moments that social media creates. i've tried to provide you with EXCELLENT advice, because as High School Musical taught us - we're all in this together. 

the problem - liking a photo of your ex boyfriend's new girlfriends aunties daughter's friends holiday pic from 86 weeks ago.
ok. we've all been there. time stands still when you are deep in an instagram stalk. the world moves slower, and before you know it you don't even know where you've ended up. you started with the best intentions, you just wanted to see your friends new photo, but you've outdone yourself on this stalk. it's all going well - and suddenly, your thumb slips. the enlarged heart of doom appears on your screen. you liked a photo, 86 weeks deep. 

the solution -  the worst thing you can do here is overcompensate. don't start liking other photos, then messaging the person saying 'whoops my finger slipped so soz love those shoes tho where did you get them?!' chances are you and this person have a very thin relationship, hence the careful stalk. the best thing to do is simply unlike, put your phone down, and think about what you've done. was that stalk REALLY worth the gut-wrenching feeling? (the answer is probably yes.) be more careful.

the problem - you post a KILLER SELFIE but no one likes it. 
this is a truly heartbreaking problem for the modern era. a selfie is a like our fingerprint, so personal and well sculpted. a selfie can take hours of preparation (no one needs to know that despite the full face of make up, you're still wearing your pyjamas bottoms). you catch the light, your eyebrows look fab, the lip liner is rocked. you know it, you look good. you click upload, and wait for those likes to POUR in...and your phone goes quiet.

the solution - firstly, you are not in alone in your struggle for the selfie. we all crave that moment you get 11 likes on instagram and the double figures turn you into an internet sensation. but when it doesn't happen, it is a bit of a bummer. the only solution to this is to accept it gracefully. don't be that girl who deletes the selfie. it's hard i know...but admit it's not your best work and move on to the next.  you can do it.

the problem - you realise you sent that bitchy Facebook message to the person you were talking about. ouch.
you're in a group chat, and someone pipes up with a comment you definitely disagree with. you snigger, and start a new convo with another friend about how dumb that comment was. you continue. you then drop a killer line about this...and realise you've written it in the group chat. heart falls out your stomach. sweat glistens on your forehead. you're done.

the solution - this is tough. again, the only thing to do if it's SUPER obvious is to bow out gracefully, and try and sort it out. if the comment is vague and could be about something else...lie. sorry to be that girl but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. 

can you think of anymore issues we face? 

until next time xo 

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