Thursday, 17 March 2016

#Friyay fun with TGI Fridays

(all food was complimentary but opinions are my own) 

friday night is date night around the UK. couples putting on their gladrags and pretending they're loving life as they stand in an overcrowded bar waiting for a rubbish table in a restaurant that has sold out of calamari, when we'd all rather be in our trackies watching netflix. 

however, when i was given the opportunity to take my boo to TGI Friday's and sample the new menu, i jumped at the chance, and didn't feel too hard done by as i dragged myself away from netflix. it's important to get out in the world and converse in a different environment, and what better way to do so than at TGI Fridays?

we all know TGI Fridays. the exciting, vibrant and colourful American style restaurant, with singing waiters and bright uniforms. a lot of people forget chain restaurants when deciding on a date spot, trying to focus on more 'unique' experiences...but sometimes, you're really missing a trick. which is definitely the case with TGI Fridays.

there's a brand new menu at TGI's, with a lot more variety to choose from. i used to just naturally assume all it sold was burgers, but there's salmon,,,chicken...fajitas...salads....pastas....all sorts! we had two courses each, and let me tell you that was all we needed. the portion sizes here are no joke - which is great for value for money, but bad on my waist line...

i started with my favourite, the mozzarella dippers. sweet lord above, is there anything better in this life than breaded, melted cheese?! the answer is no. TGI's aced this dish, with an accompaniment of a really tasty tomato dipping sauce. you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck, with 5 medium sized dippers. my mouth is literally watering just thinking about them...

for mains, joe (aka my boo* *please note this term is fully sarcastic)  went for the brand new 'finish what you started' burger, which included chips, chicken wings in jack daniels sauce, and a mighty large burger. his eyes widened as he bit in the burger and wings, and branded the sauce 'unreal'. so there you go. it's legit. i went for the unreal sesame seed jack daniels chicken, which is EVERYONE'S favourite starter which TGI's have now introduced as a main. it came on a bed of delicious, fresh salad, and served with the nicest sweet potato fries in the world. i would definitely recommend this, although the portion size was huge so don't prepare lunch the next day, just take your leftovers home. hello monday lunch! 

as a keen netflix fiend, it takes a lot for me to be prised away from my laptop (even for my boyfriend). but it was 100% worth it to visit TGI and sample the brand new menu. there's definitely something for everyone, and i think you'll be surprised at the quality of the food. 

a big shout out to the staff at the high wycombe restaurant who were so so nice and treated us like VIPs! :)

until next time xo 


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