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candy k - kylie lip kit review

we all love a hype. whether it was pokemon cards, yo-yos, the naked palate... we are all guilty of jumping on a trend. but whilst some disappoint (i'm looking at you babyliss plaiting wand), others definitely live up to the legend. and the kylie lip kit is one of them.

we've all seen the news around the kylie jenner lip kits, and the craziness that surrounds even getting your hands on them. they sell out in minutes... but i was lucky enough to get my hands on candy k. 

candy k is one of the first colours kylie released when she first announced her range, along with true brown and dolce k. i chose candy k as it looked more of a pinky nude, which is a shade i absolutely love (hello who else LOVES velvet teddy?!), and knew it would definitely be a topic worth blogging (mainly because i've read 472347928 pieces on it for research). so enjoy my lovelies.

the process:
so firstly i should say it's SUPER hard to even know when kylie will be dropping these bad boys. i pay close attention to the kylie cosmetics twitter page, and also on fan accounts who post the time, as kylie often drops the time on her app. as obvious as it sounds, make sure you convert the time into GMT. don't miss out by being a fool. 

in total, i paid £32 for my lip kit. this included delivery from the states, and included the lip liner and liquid lipstick. this sounds like a sting to the old finances, but realistically you'd pay around this for a mac liner and lipstick. the price of beauty... it then took around 9 days to arrive, which i think was really good. i did not have to pay extra for customs -  so don't panic about this!

the product:
i was probably more excited to open my package than i've ever been for anything ever (disclaimer: exaggeration). the box was classic kylie, black with drips down it, and the box had her trademark lips. i actually adore the packaging, and i will definitely try and keep it in as good condition as i can just to remember in 50 years time... 

now it's time to talk about the headline act. the actual lip kit. you get a lipliner and a liquid lipstick with your purchase, which again i think is great value. 

the lipliner is a plastic pencil, however it can be sharpened. it's a very creamy consistency, and absolutely glides onto your lips. you could even use this on its own without the liplinr, it's super pigmented and there's no denying it gives you a fantastic shape. it was love at first sight. i then applied the liquid lipstick, which comes with a really applicable wand. the lipstick smells quite sweet, almost vanilla-esuqe, which i really love. the lipstick again glides on with no effort, and the colour is so pigmented it's unreal. the colour is a really gorgeous pink/nude, slightly darker than you'd imagine but amazing. i would say that it dries quickly, so if you make a mistake correct it as fast as you can! it really is the mattest matte lipstick i've ever had, it does not budge...seriously. this stuff isn't coming off with water, so have some make up remover handy!

i am head over heels with this product. it's such an amazing duo, with a really creamy and lasting formula. i would 100% recommend trying to get your hands on this, i will definitely be buying one of the more vibrant colours. 

kudos ms. jenner.

until next time xo



  1. I've decided I definitely need to get a set now, they sound great! I just need to decide what shade I want.. xx

    Chloé Harriet

  2. I've heard so many good things about her lip kit, even as a matte product they apparently don't dry out your lips that much? Guess I'm gonna have to start saving for the next year..

    1. They don't dry your lips out as badly as ruby woo from mac. I adore it. I think it's because it comes out as a liquid first, so there's that level of moisture already in the product x

  3. I've just bought Mary Jo to complete my collection and I couldn't agree with this review more! I found that the colour was a lot different and a lot darker to how I expected it to be, did you find this the same?

    1. Wow that's the colour I definitely want!! :) it is definitely darker, but I quite like that :) xx

  4. this shade look beautiful on you! I got Poise K and I am in love with it.

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer


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