Wednesday, 30 March 2016

fashion icon: pirate

(coat - - primark...jeans - asos...belt - - tesco...shades - quay australia)

i'm all about those strange fashion icons. jack sparrow, step forward. 

if i had a beard i would braid it.

i'm legit obsessed with these ripped jeans from ASOS, teamed with a big bulky belt from boohoo and a slouchy white tee you can't go wrong. i'm also in LOVE with my new brogues from tesco. yes tesco. they were £5 and it was the best fiver i've spent in a long time.

until next time xo 


Monday, 21 March 2016

a weekend in amsterdam

we love a good city break, don't we? a chance to jet off somewhere in less than two hours, just for 48 hours...unwind from work, experience new things, spend a bit of cash, and feel like you're on your holz. 

i recently jetted off to amsterdam with my pal for a couple of days away to celebrate my upcoming birthday. i'd never been to the dam before, and had a premonition it would just be weed and prostitutes. well, i was very wrong indeed. it has certainly become one of my favourite cities in europe, and here's why!

 so first off i should tell you it's super cheap and easy to get to amsterdam. return flights can cost £60, and a flight is under an hour. yes under an hour. if you hate flying (like me) this is top notch. we flew in, and stayed in an ibis hotel about 20 mins bus ride out of the city. this hotel was, again, very cheap - and we got what we paid for. it was very clean, modern, and basic. but for us this was ideal as we only used this room for sleeping. there are swankier hotels, but we wanted to spend our money on the important things (cocktails and food).

getting around in amsterdam is super easy. buses and trams are pretty much 24 hour, and on the regs. we didn't have to wait for longer than 2 mins for a tram, and there's even a night bus to take you home safely if you make a night of it. i would recommend purchasing the 24 hour travel card, as this covers you all over the place! i should also say that i felt so safe the whole trip, never felt like i had to watch my bag. we got a night bus home after a night out (at around 2am) and it was so slick and safe. 

we opted to take a walking tour of amsterdam on our first day, as we wanted to get all the tourist stuff out the way. i would recommend this, as we got museums, red light district, canal tour and the best bit...skip the queue tickets to the anne frank house. this cost around 50 euros, but was worth it! 

i loved wandering around the red light district, and the prude in me was a little stunned when i first saw a woman pretty much twerking naked in a window at 1pm. the feminist in me was pretty agz, and i'm not going to lie i'm still not entirely comfortable with the premise...but the fact it's regulated it fascinating, and if i visited again i would probably visit the museum of prostitution to learn more about this strange culture. a massive whheeyyyy to all the lads popping in those windows at 2pm on a friday afternoon though. afternoon delight indeed. 

the canal tour was gorgeous, seeing amsterdam's famous canals in the best way possible. it was a great way to see the city, and feel very relaxed also. my favourite part of the tour was anne frank, partly because we skipped the four hour queue outside. srsly. book ahead. the tour was quite bleak, but fascinating nonetheless..although, not so sure a gift shop is entirely necessary? just me? 

so we need to talk about amsterdam's food. my god. it's literally heaven. there are a million and one places you could eat, but we picked (in my opinion) the best. we ate at the pancake bakery, which is situated near the anne frank house. there was a queue out the door, so we knew it was good. we ordered a cheese, bacon and pineapple pancake and also a nutella one. my mouth is watering thinking about it. i don't know whether god exists, but if he does, he had a say in this recipe. it literally melted in your mouth, with gooey cheese, crispy bacon and a perfect sweetness of pineapple. the nutella was melted onto the amazing pancake also. i literally can't talk about it without wanting to cry. please go and tell me again of it's excellence. 

we also tried the best apple pie in winkles 43, again near the anne frank house. this place is famous for its pie, and it's easy to see why. with gorgeous chunks of fresh apple mixed with cinnamon, and a moist pastry - this is not one to be missed! for savoury lovers, i would recommend a trip to the foodhallen, an inside market that's a lot like spitalfields - take a visit to the butcher for a damnnnnn good burger. uch. i miss it.

we also ventured out at night, enjoyed tequila, shots, shisha... and had to venture into a famous coffee shop for a bit of their infamous space cake. this was a funny experience, not the massive hype people make it, but the actual cake was delish. i could have had two more, without the extra ingredient.. 

i would definitely recommend beautiful amsterdam for a short city stay. with its picturesque backgrounds, millions of bicycles, amazing food and naughty but nice culture - it's definitely one of my favourites. let me know if you do visit!

until next time xo

Thursday, 17 March 2016

#Friyay fun with TGI Fridays

(all food was complimentary but opinions are my own) 

friday night is date night around the UK. couples putting on their gladrags and pretending they're loving life as they stand in an overcrowded bar waiting for a rubbish table in a restaurant that has sold out of calamari, when we'd all rather be in our trackies watching netflix. 

however, when i was given the opportunity to take my boo to TGI Friday's and sample the new menu, i jumped at the chance, and didn't feel too hard done by as i dragged myself away from netflix. it's important to get out in the world and converse in a different environment, and what better way to do so than at TGI Fridays?

we all know TGI Fridays. the exciting, vibrant and colourful American style restaurant, with singing waiters and bright uniforms. a lot of people forget chain restaurants when deciding on a date spot, trying to focus on more 'unique' experiences...but sometimes, you're really missing a trick. which is definitely the case with TGI Fridays.

there's a brand new menu at TGI's, with a lot more variety to choose from. i used to just naturally assume all it sold was burgers, but there's salmon,,,chicken...fajitas...salads....pastas....all sorts! we had two courses each, and let me tell you that was all we needed. the portion sizes here are no joke - which is great for value for money, but bad on my waist line...

i started with my favourite, the mozzarella dippers. sweet lord above, is there anything better in this life than breaded, melted cheese?! the answer is no. TGI's aced this dish, with an accompaniment of a really tasty tomato dipping sauce. you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck, with 5 medium sized dippers. my mouth is literally watering just thinking about them...

for mains, joe (aka my boo* *please note this term is fully sarcastic)  went for the brand new 'finish what you started' burger, which included chips, chicken wings in jack daniels sauce, and a mighty large burger. his eyes widened as he bit in the burger and wings, and branded the sauce 'unreal'. so there you go. it's legit. i went for the unreal sesame seed jack daniels chicken, which is EVERYONE'S favourite starter which TGI's have now introduced as a main. it came on a bed of delicious, fresh salad, and served with the nicest sweet potato fries in the world. i would definitely recommend this, although the portion size was huge so don't prepare lunch the next day, just take your leftovers home. hello monday lunch! 

as a keen netflix fiend, it takes a lot for me to be prised away from my laptop (even for my boyfriend). but it was 100% worth it to visit TGI and sample the brand new menu. there's definitely something for everyone, and i think you'll be surprised at the quality of the food. 

a big shout out to the staff at the high wycombe restaurant who were so so nice and treated us like VIPs! :)

until next time xo 


Monday, 14 March 2016

candy k - kylie lip kit review

we all love a hype. whether it was pokemon cards, yo-yos, the naked palate... we are all guilty of jumping on a trend. but whilst some disappoint (i'm looking at you babyliss plaiting wand), others definitely live up to the legend. and the kylie lip kit is one of them.

we've all seen the news around the kylie jenner lip kits, and the craziness that surrounds even getting your hands on them. they sell out in minutes... but i was lucky enough to get my hands on candy k. 

candy k is one of the first colours kylie released when she first announced her range, along with true brown and dolce k. i chose candy k as it looked more of a pinky nude, which is a shade i absolutely love (hello who else LOVES velvet teddy?!), and knew it would definitely be a topic worth blogging (mainly because i've read 472347928 pieces on it for research). so enjoy my lovelies.

the process:
so firstly i should say it's SUPER hard to even know when kylie will be dropping these bad boys. i pay close attention to the kylie cosmetics twitter page, and also on fan accounts who post the time, as kylie often drops the time on her app. as obvious as it sounds, make sure you convert the time into GMT. don't miss out by being a fool. 

in total, i paid £32 for my lip kit. this included delivery from the states, and included the lip liner and liquid lipstick. this sounds like a sting to the old finances, but realistically you'd pay around this for a mac liner and lipstick. the price of beauty... it then took around 9 days to arrive, which i think was really good. i did not have to pay extra for customs -  so don't panic about this!

the product:
i was probably more excited to open my package than i've ever been for anything ever (disclaimer: exaggeration). the box was classic kylie, black with drips down it, and the box had her trademark lips. i actually adore the packaging, and i will definitely try and keep it in as good condition as i can just to remember in 50 years time... 

now it's time to talk about the headline act. the actual lip kit. you get a lipliner and a liquid lipstick with your purchase, which again i think is great value. 

the lipliner is a plastic pencil, however it can be sharpened. it's a very creamy consistency, and absolutely glides onto your lips. you could even use this on its own without the liplinr, it's super pigmented and there's no denying it gives you a fantastic shape. it was love at first sight. i then applied the liquid lipstick, which comes with a really applicable wand. the lipstick smells quite sweet, almost vanilla-esuqe, which i really love. the lipstick again glides on with no effort, and the colour is so pigmented it's unreal. the colour is a really gorgeous pink/nude, slightly darker than you'd imagine but amazing. i would say that it dries quickly, so if you make a mistake correct it as fast as you can! it really is the mattest matte lipstick i've ever had, it does not budge...seriously. this stuff isn't coming off with water, so have some make up remover handy!

i am head over heels with this product. it's such an amazing duo, with a really creamy and lasting formula. i would 100% recommend trying to get your hands on this, i will definitely be buying one of the more vibrant colours. 

kudos ms. jenner.

until next time xo


Monday, 7 March 2016

international women's day: my idols

it feels alien to be writing about a subject that is so close to my heart, but also so serious on a blog full of lipsticks and clothes. why should something i take so seriously be something i feel almost awkward to write about? it's a sensation that makes it even MORE important to be writing this blog. because march 8th is international women's day. 

my struggle to type this in a way that is articulate is actually irritating me a lot right now, as feminism and women's rights is a topic i, naturally, feel strongly about. i read a lot of literature on the subject, and studied it in detail at university, and would 100% class myself as a feminist. this word is too often linked with aggressive 'man-hating' behaviour, which is a stereotype not helped by ridiculous media portrayals and extreme reporting. i simply want, as beyonce taught us all, social/economic and political equality between the sexes. which i don't think is completely out of the question, is it?

the day celebrates women everywhere, the things we do daily, our struggles, and our achievements. the theme this year is gender parity, campaigning to close the pay gap between men and women, which at the moment is estimated not to be equal until 2133... which simply isn't good enough. but that's a topic for another day. 

i've chosen to write today about my five female idols in the media. these five women top every single list, and are definitely not surprises as feminist idols, but for good reason. introducing my international women's day icons: 

1 - Lena Dunham
i'm sure most lists today will include ms. dunham heavily, but for good reason. what i LOVE about lena dunham is her honesty and normality. i am obsessed with how open she is about everything, especially when it comes to her body. she's not cookie-cutter, skinny bean hollywood, but there's something very beautiful about the way she portrays herself. i also love how she champions women, she never judges, and is taking her celebrity to spread the word about feminism and female issues. i'm also obsessed with 'girls', and find it the most relatable tv show ever (especially the first series...that internship line SLAYED.) i would 100% recommend her novel 'not that kind of girl' for some tube reading - an essential book for any girl in her twenties. 

favourite quote: a huge part of being a feminist is giving other women the freedom to make choices you might not necessarily make yourself. 

2 - Emma Watson
so first and foremost, i admire ANYONE who is in harry potter. srsly, my favourite book series of all time. but emma has managed to transcend from simply being 'the girl who played hermoine' into an intelligent, articulate woman who has something to say. all too often i feel the media bogs us down with actresses who are so media trained i can almost guess their entire interview. emma chooses to use her celebrity to address women's issues, and discuss subjects that matter. her heforshe campaign is transforming the way people view feminism, and it's something i can't wait to see evolve more. oh, and obvs i still can't resist when she tweets something about harry potter. #nostalgia.

favourite quote: it is time we start seeing gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.

3 - Malala Yousafzai
meet my current obsession. malala is a force of nature. a young girl who chose to speak up about how the taliban were ruining her town, a girl who campaigned for female education, and was subsequently shot by the taliban. malala did not let this silence her, and has continued to campaign for the right to education all over the world. it's incredible to hear her speak. such passion, power and intelligence are forced behind her words, and it's also refreshing (as shown in her film he named me malala) that she is still a normal 18 year old with crushes and homework. she made me feel truly grateful for the education i was given, and opened my eyes to an issue that i didn't really see before. would definitely recommend youtubing any of her speeches - prepare to want to change the world.

favourite quote: i believe it is a women's right to decide what to wear and if a woman can to go the beach and wear nothing, then why can't she also wear everything?

4 - Anna Wintour
ah, nuclear wintour. many people may question this choice, but i am legit obsessed. ever since i started getting into fashion, anna wintour seemed to be a character i wanted to know, and when i watched the september issue my obsession was sealed. i admire how strong willed she is, i love that people are a little bit frightened of her. i don't think it's a bad thing for a woman to be slightly feared, especially when she is the best at what she does. i don't believe anna wintour would be the easiest person to please, but again i love how she always strives for perfection. she is groundbreaking in the fashion world, being the first editor to put celebs on the cover of Vogue, and to put a black woman on the cover. she's revolutionary, and i feel there will never be a figure as powerful in fashion as anna again. 

favourite quote: It’s always about timing. If it’s too soon, no one understands. If it’s too late, everyone’s forgotten.

5 - Amy Poehler / Tina Fey

finally, the two women who truly make me laugh. all too often female comedians rely on topics such as their divorces/their weight/their appearance to spark laughs, and i don't find it funny to always be so self-deprecating. these two women have propelled female comedy to the highest levels, creating jokes that are honestly hilarious, and not relying on their gender for the laughs. they are intelligent, and craft their jokes so well it's crazy to think they can be so funny. obviously, they strive for female rights - with tina fey creating mean girls for goodness sake! i love their friendship, and how they champion each other rather than becoming enemies and competing. it's refreshing to see a duo so quick and relevant, miles above their male competitors. i would 100% recommend watching 30 rock and parks + recreation. hilarious.

favourite quote: yes i consider myself a feminist, and it informs my work only in that it is who i am, in the same way i am a woman, or that i'm 5 foot 2. 

and another big thank you to the other women who inspire me on a daily basis. y'all make me proud to have been born a XX Chromosome. 

until next time xo

Sunday, 6 March 2016

three social media struggles we all face

ah the internet. a wonderland of wisdom. a tardis of tempting treats. a paradise of posing... and also a whirling inferno of mistakes waiting to happen. social media has introduced us a new world of issues, problems that no one had to deal with twenty years ago. even in today's digital society, there's still no guide on how to handle these faux pas.

we've all felt the digital doom. that moment where you know whatever you've just done is NOT right. your palms get sweaty, you feel sick, and you want to chuck your stupid iPhone at the wall because it was definitely their fault and not yours. damn you steve jobs. 

here are my top three social media issues we all face, the most obvious mortifying moments that social media creates. i've tried to provide you with EXCELLENT advice, because as High School Musical taught us - we're all in this together. 

the problem - liking a photo of your ex boyfriend's new girlfriends aunties daughter's friends holiday pic from 86 weeks ago.
ok. we've all been there. time stands still when you are deep in an instagram stalk. the world moves slower, and before you know it you don't even know where you've ended up. you started with the best intentions, you just wanted to see your friends new photo, but you've outdone yourself on this stalk. it's all going well - and suddenly, your thumb slips. the enlarged heart of doom appears on your screen. you liked a photo, 86 weeks deep. 

the solution -  the worst thing you can do here is overcompensate. don't start liking other photos, then messaging the person saying 'whoops my finger slipped so soz love those shoes tho where did you get them?!' chances are you and this person have a very thin relationship, hence the careful stalk. the best thing to do is simply unlike, put your phone down, and think about what you've done. was that stalk REALLY worth the gut-wrenching feeling? (the answer is probably yes.) be more careful.

the problem - you post a KILLER SELFIE but no one likes it. 
this is a truly heartbreaking problem for the modern era. a selfie is a like our fingerprint, so personal and well sculpted. a selfie can take hours of preparation (no one needs to know that despite the full face of make up, you're still wearing your pyjamas bottoms). you catch the light, your eyebrows look fab, the lip liner is rocked. you know it, you look good. you click upload, and wait for those likes to POUR in...and your phone goes quiet.

the solution - firstly, you are not in alone in your struggle for the selfie. we all crave that moment you get 11 likes on instagram and the double figures turn you into an internet sensation. but when it doesn't happen, it is a bit of a bummer. the only solution to this is to accept it gracefully. don't be that girl who deletes the selfie. it's hard i know...but admit it's not your best work and move on to the next.  you can do it.

the problem - you realise you sent that bitchy Facebook message to the person you were talking about. ouch.
you're in a group chat, and someone pipes up with a comment you definitely disagree with. you snigger, and start a new convo with another friend about how dumb that comment was. you continue. you then drop a killer line about this...and realise you've written it in the group chat. heart falls out your stomach. sweat glistens on your forehead. you're done.

the solution - this is tough. again, the only thing to do if it's SUPER obvious is to bow out gracefully, and try and sort it out. if the comment is vague and could be about something else...lie. sorry to be that girl but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. 

can you think of anymore issues we face? 

until next time xo 
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