Sunday, 28 February 2016

ruby woo: a love affair

(lip colour - ruby woo from mac)

red is the colour of love. the colour of passion. and also, a bloody hard colour to get right in lipstick. people talk about 'true reds', they moan that the colour runs over the course of the day, even that it is more orange than red. well, i'm here to shout from the rooftops, because i've found the perfect red lipstick that you ALL need in your make up bags.

that's right folks, i have discovered ruby woo.

ruby woo isn't a new shade from mac. it's a very well known and popular lippy choice for women all over the country. it's been sitting in my lipstick collection for some time, only recently coming out to play. i wish i had more confidence to wear a red lippy everyday, because this would definitely be my weapon of choice.

think you know matte lipstick? think again. ruby woo is literally the MOST matte lipstick i've ever worn in my life. application is a little tricky due to this, and it feels a little bit like you're PULLING it across your lips. however, i would simply recommend buying a lip brush when applying. it makes it much easier to glide on your lips, and also is much more precise when you're creating your shape. i love my real techniques lip brush which is only £7.99 at boots. 

once you've applied the gorgeous shade, you'll realise why so many mac fanatics rave about it. the colour is super pigmented, and really evokes a strong, passionate red that you would hope for. given the intensity of its matte application, you hardly feel like anything is on your lips. it's light-weight, and definitely stays on all day. if you were planning on wearing all day, i would estimate you'd only have to top up your colour once. it stays put all day, which is really useful if you're on the move or at a work event. 

taking off ruby woo is a little tricky, as that baby wants to stay on your lips for as long as possible. it's not as easy as smudging off like other lipsticks. i would recommend taking off with a water based make up remover, and then make sure you moisturise your lips once removed. it can get a little dry up in there, so make sure you are kind to your lips. after all, you want to be able to rock this colour as much as you can, and your lips will thank you for the hydration top up.

i would definitely make ruby woo from mac cosmetics a staple in your lipstick collection. it's a classic colour that is timeless, and can be worn subtly or dressed up with dramatic make up. whether you want to feel like a siren, or parisian chic with a striped top and trainers - ruby woo is here for you.

until next time xo  



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