Monday, 1 February 2016

moonpig spring showcase

(all gifts available on

another week, another exciting pr event i was a part of! it's interesting in the blogging community, i see a lot of amazing events that bloggers attend...but part of me LOVES being a part of organising them. at work, we recently got a new client with a catchy little jingle... that's right, moooooonpig! and we helped assist in their incredible spring summer showcase! apologies for the millions of photos, but there was too much amazing stuff to photograph!

so the theme of the event was spring, and it was showcasing the vast variety of amazing products moonpig sell. you would be forgiven for thinking that moonpig just sell personalised cards, as that it what they have been most known for... but i'm here to tell you that they are so much more than this!! moonpig offer an amazing selection of flowers, treats, gifts, candles, chocolates.... the list is endless!

what i love about moonpig is that you can get everything in one place, which is really handy when all your friends are here there and everywhere. you can send those funny, in joke cards along with a bouquet of beautiful flowers.they're the only place in the UK you can get a personalised card and gift, so kudos.

so i need to talk to you about the flowers. moonpig offer a wide selection of beyond beautiful bouquets  which are all super fresh and smell amazing, but they've really out done themselves this valentine's day. we were showcasing to the press a bouquet of Ecuadorian roses, which were over a metre and a half tall. this was surpassing some of our guests height! they really had the WOW factor, and you can definitely imagine kanye showering kim with these. they come in at a cool £725, so not something i could unfortunately afford, but feel free to treat me!

alongside these gorgeous valentine's day gifts, they showcased amazing ideas for mother's day, new mums, Easter, and Spring in general. i can't begin to explain all of the gifts, but hopefully my photos showcase it - and you can visit to see all the rest of the range. don't forget about their cards though, they have some cute new designs!

it was a busy busy day, full of meeting exciting people and working with our brilliant new clients. i loved the whole day, and being surrounded by such beautiful flowers and yummy chocolates (i recommend this box of chocolate covered fudge, srsly. me and my housemates are demolishing them right now).

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