Sunday, 10 January 2016

life for louisa: 1

to get into the swing of at least a weekly blog post, i thought i would start doing end of week round ups again. it's quite nice to look back over time at all the things i do. i have a pretty busy job, which allows me to do all sorts of exciting things - if any of you are interested in a career in pr/social media, this might be of interest for you. i also think it's a cheeky way for me to ensure i actually blog - 2016 is all about keeping this updated.

i thought i'd choose 4 photos that epitomised my week, and explain. this way i can give you the highlights, and not the boring stuff (eg. me eating babybels in bed and binge watching 'making a murderer'.) 

photo one - this quote is one that i've recently made my phone screen saver. it's so important to remember to take a breather every now and again. it's easy to get swept up in the little things, worrying about that email you sent or have you turned your straighteners off. these little niggles can often eat away at me, and leave me feeling anxious all day - for me to then realise that everything was fine, and i wasted a day worrying for no reason. this quote lets me feel a little bit more chilled out every time i open my phone up, and just remember to  r e l a x. one of my 2016 goals is to slow down a bit, relax, and breathe. i think everything will benefit from this way of thinking. let's see how it goes.

photo two - so my first week back at work was definitely a manic one! we had a huge event for a client on thursday, meaning i had an alarm time of 4am...not so glamorous. but, the event went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. we also got some amazing press and social coverage off the back of this, so it was so worth it. i've got a very busy few weeks coming up with work, lots of exciting events and cool things to do. when you're in the midst of it, it can sometimes seem like how am i going to do this?? but that's where relaxing comes into it, and taking a minute to think things through. i'm so excited to get stuck in, and be a part of an amazing team delivering brilliant results. bring it on! 

photo three - so this is me and my two colleagues relaxing after our event on thursday with a delicious glass of hedgerow fizz at bill's in covent garden (which i reviewed here). i just loved feeling so accomplished, and a sense of relief after our hard work. shout out to katherine and truley as well for this!

photo four - so i may have treated myself this weekend... i felt like i deserved it, which i know is how serious bank balance offences happen. i had 6 back to mac empties, so traded them in for the gorgeous honey love matte lipstick, and also bought spice lipliner. both are perfect everyday shades, and i love how spice makes it a little bit more vampy. would recommend! also, the oracle have recently opened up a victoria's secret, and being the #basicbitch i am i just had to pop in...and buy this bra. oops.

and breathe.


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