Monday, 14 December 2015

my blogging problem

i'm not really sure when it happened. it was a feeling that crept up on me slowly, and every day i think about it more and more. it's been a subject that's been on my mind, but one i never really wanted to address. but after some thought, it's probably BETTER to discuss it, and then maybe it'll go away. because folks, i am slowly, slowly, falling out of love with blogging.

when i started blogging, i was 19 years old and at university. i had all the spare time in the world, and it was still relatively underground. sure, you still had your 'bigger' bloggers, and there was a 'hierarchy' as it were, but it was still pretty fresh to brands. it was so fresh and exciting, with brands contacting you and asking you to review, the company blogger awards nomination i got in 2013, and having time to properly spend time on my content. i used to post twice a week, and had time to style outfits properly, and utilise my housemates as photographers.

fast forward to today, and i'm 22 working full time in a job i love. my evenings are spent going to the gym, cooking, and catching up with friends. my weekends are spent doing life admin, and i no longer have the photographers on hand to take my photos. i find blogging once every two weeks a challenge, especially as i want to feel proud of my content, and i'm not always feeling this way at the moment. i feel like i'm desperately trying to hold onto a hobby that still has a large part in my life, but as other things in my life speed up, it takes a back seat.

i also find the blogging culture very different to when i started. i recently went to a blogging event where there was only a handful of bloggers as i know it - the others were all well known figures on instagram, and didn't have a blog or a YouTube channel. i'm in no ways demeaning this, as i realise it takes so much work to succeed in these channels, but it just felt different to me. i felt like a very uncool, little fish in a  pond that had all of a sudden got a million times bigger. 

i don't know what marks my blog as different anymore. i don't know what content i want to write, and how to proceed when my life isn't all about buying clothes anymore. i wish it was in a way, but i'm also enjoying where i am now. i'm in a  strange 'twenty something' limbo, where i no longer have the sweet student loan funding my topshop addiction, but i also feel like i have more to offer, and more to say. but does this get lost amongst reviews of shampoos and new urban decay palates? who knows. 

i want to feel proud of this page again, and i will keep going until i feel it again. blogging needs a total refresh, and it's not enough to post simple photos anymore. your blog has to be a website, which is evident with the superstar bloggers who's pages now rival top magazines. it's strange to think that some blogs have teams around them, posting for them and professional photographers hired for outfit shoots. is it too controversial to feel this ruins the authenticity? and feel that this leaves no hope for the rest of us, who just enjoy photography and talking about the products we love so much?

it's time for everyone to remember WHY they started blogging. it gets too competitive these days, with brands only using the same 'big' bloggers and brands who once sent you product turning you down due to your DA (which they more than likely only just learnt about themselves). forget about free stuff, forget about endorsement deals, forget about money.... remember that you love to write, you love to talk about things you're passionate about, and you love the community.

don't give up.

until next time xo 


  1. I can totally resonate with what you're saying! The culture has totally changed as blogging has gone from a fun hobby into a money and freebie generating machine. I always find the new year is a great way to press the refresh button! X

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. love this! I feel the same as this sometimes, and it does get so frustrating sometimes! But I definitely am still in love with doing it, even if it is just once a fortnight and for a handful of readers, It means no less than instagramers with 500k likes!

    Made In The 1990s


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