Wednesday, 30 December 2015


it's safe to say that 2014 was a weird year, with my house fire and numerous other bad things happening to me and my family. it's even safer to say that 2015 has been a much better year. as it comes to a close, i wanted to share a few key moments of the year, and reflect upon it as pretentiously as i can...because one day i'll be old and want to remember my glory years. 

i have some pretty fantastic friends. i know everyone says that, but i really really do. i've realised that it's ok to let some people slide away, and the people you thought you'd be friends with forever might not always be there for you when things really hit the fan. i have an amazing group of gals who know who they are, who make me laugh so much i can't cope and also put up with my showbiz obsessions. i also love the friendships i made at university that have lasted, and i always get excited when i know i'll see those lads again. even if my friends are on the other side of the world, we still have time for each other. big up yourselves.

i started this year in a stable PR job that i loved, and one that allowed me to grow and taught me so much about social media. i am ending it in a new job that i began in september in an agency i've admired for so long, working with people who make me laugh every day and that i feel myself with. i genuinely enjoy going to work everyday, and whilst PR & social media is definitely not as glamorous as people think, i've had a blast. whether it's a press junket with a soap star, or helping set up and amazing event for OGX, i've been allowed to help out at some truly fantastic events and i hope to continue this into 2016.

i've also realised it's ok to feel like sometimes you have no idea what you're doing, because chances are you know WAY more than you think. i want 2016 to bring more confidence in myself, and also to have more experiences with social media that help shape my future career. awwwhhh yeah. 

first proper year out of university.
whilst i still refer to myself as a grad, technically i'm just someone who has been to university now, as i graduated in july 2014. i've had a full year out of education, and in the real world. and boy, it has been a challenge to adapt. it's so hard not seeing your best friends everyday, being able to go to mcdonalds at 1am, and even the panic and stress of writing essays about postcolonial literature. whilst i will always treasure my uni memories, i have to say i am loving having a salary and money to spend...and also having evenings/weekends to myself, and no guilt as i binge watch parks & recreation. uni, i think i am slowly getting over you. 

moving out.
this year marked a pretty big change in my life...i finally moved out of my family home. my new job is around an hour/hour and a half away from where i live, and i just decided i didn't want to commute anymore. i saved money all year, and then decided to move into a shared house. it was pretty scary, as it meant rent coming out of my salary every month (wah) and moving into a house of people i didn't know...but that's what uni prepared me for. i absolutely love it there, my housemates are awesome (we are going to see justin bieber next year. cool) and i'm surrounded by other friends in the area. 

it's great to be independent, and feel that i am a proper human being these days rather than that dramatic graduate limbo so many people find themselves in, me included. i feel settled, and there's an asda with a mcdonalds in it on my road. sorted.

and finally, my wonderful little blog. i must admit, it's taken a back seat in my life as i have had to concentrate on working/social life. i always find it hard to upload content i'm truly proud of as i have no photographer these days, and i'm normally working in the hours of fantastic sunlight. but i'm proud to say that i've kept it going all year, and even invested in a  snazzy camera to ensure i feel motivated to keep going. i promise 2016 will bring more outfit posts, and maybe more career focused blogs. because that's just where my head is at at the moment. i'll never be zoella, but i don't want to be. 

so thank you 2015 for all the laughs. 2016, be kind.

until next time xo



  1. Happy New Year! And I hope 2016 is as good as 2015 was to you :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  2. You're a great inspiration for me! I've started blog to blog about my writing experiments after I found your site.


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