Thursday, 1 October 2015

the october spending ban

i like nice things. i am not ashamed to admit it. ever since i started full time work i always burn through my pay cheque. whether it's new clothes, make up, nights out, dinners, petrol... i get it. but this month, i've decided that enough is enough. it's time for a spending ban.

i've always been skeptical about these spending bans. ever since the fire i've felt that i should treat myself, and continue to allow myself nice things as all of my things were ruined. but it's been a year since the fire, and i feel a little bit...materialistic. 

i'm the first to admit that the finer things in life excite me, nice make up... amazing dinners... gorgeous clothes. i don't think it takes away the depth of my personality to want nice things for myself, i'm still a nice human being. i think it makes me a completely normal 22 year old. but when i tentatively check my bank balance at the end of every month, it sometimes isn't a pretty sight.  

i don't want to play the blame game, but i do think a large part of my spending obsession comes from blogging and social media. there's always something new and shiny that i want. whether it's some lace up shoes or the new 'must have' mac lipstick, i want it on my list. it's trends that i get caught up in, things that I KNOW are PR stories or carefully place there because the internet is so damn clever and KNOWS i will end up buying that denim dress they've carefully placed in my Facebook feed. social media is my career, but it isn't helpful to my bank balance.

i hope that this will force me to be more creative with my blog posts. create outfits out of pieces i already own. fall back in love with my wardrobe. go outside and take photos of places i wouldn't have visited. spend time with my friends and family in different ways. i know i will slip up and get the odd wagamamas here and there...but does that count? (please say no/don't answer)

i'm also planning on moving out very very soon, i know that this will officially mark the end of my silly spending, as i will have new responsibilities that i didn't have before (i'm talking about you council tax). i need to make sure i have enough in the bank after rent to get petrol, food, pay my phone bill.. you know, all the boring stuff you never ever want to really think about. 

so this month, i am officially not buying myself anything. nada. i will not be buying any more lipsticks that kylie jenner may/may not have used. i will not be roped into buying that stripy top that everyone is wearing. i will merely buy necessities if needed, and this DOES NOT include any more black boots. necessities include petrol, contact lense solutions, train tickets. 

i hope that i do well. i will report back in a few weeks with my findings.

wish me luck.

until next time xo  


  1. Ahhh I so need to do this!! Good luck :-) xx

  2. Good luck! I tried to do the £10 a week challenge. I wrote a post about it. I hope you are more successful than me!! Let us know how you get on!

  3. I'm kinda putting on official spending ban on myself too - anything I buy from now until Christmas will go towards someones christmas or birthday present instead of me! Good luck :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  4. I'm definitely way too materialistic. The photo from Bridesmaid's made me laugh so much haha!


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