Thursday, 22 October 2015

the mirror selfie series #1

i'm a busy bee. i work full time, commute full time, and i'm also a full-time netflix addict. this makes outfit photos VERY hard. i also can't keep roping in my brother to take them, as let's face it, he has better things to do. so, i took matters into my own hands, and i introduce to you the mirror selfie series.

this is for when i have copious amounts of outfits i want to blog, but just haven't got the means because HELLO girlfriend gotta eat and blogging isn't paying my rent. i hope you like it and don't slag me off for being a beginner. 

so, outfit one. these knee high boots are EVERYWHERE at the moment. you can't seem to go on instagram without seeing a pair. so, being the fashion victim i am, i jumped on the band wagon. i wasn't sure if it made me look like puss in boots, but i actually love them. they're so autumnal, and can be worn with a knitted jumper like this (granted, i would normally wear tights), or black jeans and a snuggly turtle neck. sorted.

outfit two. this is what i call my army uniform. but one that wouldn't look out of place in the spice movie (remember that scene???) i LOVE this new look jumpsuit, it's so comfy and makes me feel fanbloodytastic every time i put it on. you can wear it to work with heeled boots, or simply with some trainers for a low key look. a worthy investment.

and finally, outfit three. this is definitely a fave atm. dungarees are a big trend, and i again had to hop on board the trend train. despite not being high waisted, which took me a while to get used to, i think they're super flattering. they look great with turtle necks, and worn with a jumper underneath they're a great casual winter outfit. i wear mine mainly with my adidas trainers, as it just makes me feel so comfy but shoreditch cool (you know what i mean).

don't hate the selfies, hate the game.

until next time xo 


  1. WOAH where are the boots from, been searching for a flat pair for ages! xx

  2. The dungarees suit you so much! They make me look ridiculous haha xx

  3. Seriously fab outfits! I love wearing jumpsuits too as they make me feel awesome x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  4. Gorgeous colour and style. 


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