Thursday, 15 October 2015

my smoky addiction

hi everyone. my name is louisa. and i have a problem. i'm addicted to neutral eyeshadow palates. oh, what? every other girl in the UK has the same problem? oh. i'll sit down then. 

i think the official term is called a 'basic bitch', but we will forget about that...

i've wanted to do specific posts for a while now about each of my favourite eyeshadow palates, but to be honest, i think one big post about all of them would suffice. i felt absolutely spoilt when i took these photos (which i apologise for the reflections, girl couldn't get the sun to go in), it looks excessive. but you all know how vital it is to have these variations. so i digress. here is a little review of my favourites, and they're definitely ranked from top to bottom. everyone has their favourites. 

the mac palate - i was given this as an AMAZING birthday present from my boyfriend this year. i nearly cried at the gorgeous shades. this is their warm neutral palate, and consists of warmer shades such as my favourites dance in the dark and creative copper. the colours range from matte shades which are perfect for highlighting in the crease of your eye, to more glittery shades that add that special 'wow' factor when you're doing a smoky eye. i know it's expensive, but  i would FIRMLY recommend this palate. it's highly pigmented, and long-lasting. you won't be running out of colour anytime soon. 

naked smoky palate - i've actually done a more indepth review of this here, so for more points definitely give this a read. but yeah. this palate is the real deal. gorgeous, deep colours that really last - especially when they're teamed with the urban decay eyeshadow primer. i love the deep blacks and purples mixed with the more glittery shades, a really spectrum of colours that will suit every occasion. this is cheaper than the mac palate, but will set you back around £35. maybe pop it on the christmas list!

the bobbi browns -  i actually have two palates from bobbi brown, both very similar colours. one is the shimmer brick, now, please don't kill me, but i don't know the EXACT names off the top of my head. but they're brown/gold colours. i absolutely LOVE the shimmer brick. i find it super pigmented, with gorgeous shades, and i love the packaging. however, the other (which is more of a palate design) i haven't been so thrilled with. the colours don't seem to build up as much. I feel like i REALLY have to scrape at them to get a decent colour. so perhaps don't buy this one, personally.

naked 3 - DO NOT SHOOT ME. in all honesty, this palate is more of a personal preference. i don't think the rose gold tones are for me. they're  a little TOO pink for me. i don't really like feeling like i'm walking around with pink clown eyes. i think if i really thought about this palate, and thought more about the colours that 'went', i'd enjoy it a lot more. but, when i have the smoky palate, why bother? #spoiltgirlproblems.

and i couldn't talk palates without talking machinery. and when i say machinery, i mean brushes. as i can't afford a full set of mac professional brushes, i stick with real techniques. i have a real variety of brushes, but this little set is the real deal. it consists of 4 brushes, one for smudging, one for precision liner. one for eyeliner, one for pointed liner, and comes with a cute little pouch. you can purchase this here. the smudging brush is definitely my favourite, really blending the two colours of your choice in perfectly - completing that smokey look. i tend to team this with the brush that comes with the naked palates. 

i hope this helps on your quest for the perfect smoky palate. i would definitely recommend the mac palate or naked smoky, but let me know what you think!

until next time xo 



  1. The Naked Smokey is definitely on my xmas list this year... Real Techniques brushes are really the only ones to use for a smokey eye! x

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