Sunday, 20 September 2015

let's have a catch up

so i am aware that i have NOT been a great blogger recently. i have been very busy, and as the evenings are getting darker outfit photos are a no no. i have SO many outfits to photograph, so it's all coming - i just have to rope in a friend or family member for a session. anyway, i thought i'd do a quick catch up post for you all, with a few things i'm loving and a few life updates.

i'm not really that great with change. i like a good plan, and i'm not very good at being spontaneous. this can make me a massive pain, and also pretty panicky when things all of a sudden change. but recently, a few of these pesky changes have come into my life, but it's all good. i am changing jobs, which is scary as i love love love my current position, and i will be moving out soon. it's scary, and very grown up, but it's going to be great to have my own space and also to be closer to my boyfriend and my friends. i will embrace the change and try not to be TOO much of a psycho about it...

Learning to relax:
i'm not sure if any other graduates feel this, but coming from university where you could pretty much say half of your degree was relaxing, to having a full time job is hard. i really enjoy working hard, and i want to make sure i do as much as i can to progress, but sometimes i think i forget how to relax  in my spare time. i've worked out a fantastic little routine, which may seem obvious to some, but took me some time... going to the gym has REALLY helped me switch off, and putting down my phone. i am ALWAYS in front of a screen, and recently i've been making sure i put my phone away for around an hour and do something else.

this links into the above, but i have a new hobby. colouring. i've seen it around for a while, but it wasn't until my boyfriend's mum (hi sharon!) was doing it that i got really interested. i bought a basic 'colouring for adults' book from amazon, and started to get creative. at first i felt it might be a bit silly, but then an hour passed and i was hooked. time really flew by, and i was absolutely silent and fascinated for the whole 60 minutes. i feel like i'm back at school, and it's fun doing something i haven't done for years. you can get some amazing books, like hipster colouring. don't laugh at me until you try it...

 i am SO HAPPY that it's starting to get colder. i know it's horrific to wish cold weather and darker days, but i know that half of you reading this have already picked your new winter coat and eyed up a pair of black boots. let's just say my autumnal wardrobe is full of khaki. i just want to wrap up warm, drink hot chocolates and be the true basic bi$$$h that i am. look out for my instagrams.

i'm glad we caught up. i promise to be a better blogger.
until next time xo 


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

five guys milton keynes - review

(all food courtesy of five guys. opinions are my own)

there was a time long ago when 'five guys' wasn't a household name. when it didn't make mouths salivate everywhere. but that time is gone my friends, and pretty much every man and their dog know that five guys is a delicious burger shack. i knew it as i walked past the covent garden branch a lot, and always wondered what it was like. then, they started popping up all over the place - including my home town of milton keynes. my friend and i popped along for a try, and we were VERY impressed.

first things first, let's get one thing straight. five guys isn't the sort of place you'd bring a first date. in theory, it's still fast food. you can take away, sit down for a bit in a booth, or just sit outside. it's not the place for first impressions. however, i loved the red and white decor, and just how darn american it felt. 

food is generally reasonably priced, a little more than a mcdonalds, but the quality justifies this price for sure. i ordered a cheese burger with lettuce and tomatoes. the good thing about five guys is that you can pick your toppings, and they're all free. which is fantastic when you hate gherkins and mayo, which seem to worm their way into most burgers - you don't have to have them HOORAH. we also ordered a small portion of chips, which was still WAY too much for two people - they are very generous with their portions!

drinks-wise, don't get over excited but it's AMAZING. you can pick over a 100 different flavours, ranging from sugar free drinks to grape fanta. it's fantastic, and all free refills. almost worth popping in before the cinema to get a drink! my friend ordered a vanilla milkshake (which you can get bacon on...weird), and said it was legit the best thing she ever got, and went back the next day just for another one.

so. the burger. well, it was definitely filling. don't ever come here if you're not THAT hungry, because you'll probably pop. it was delicious, full of flavour and meaty goodness. i loved the softness of the bun, and the two patties of meat just were too good for words. one little word, it can get a little bit juicy up in there - so have some napkins spare. as i said, it isn't a place for a first date - but maybe a third or fourth. 

i would definitely recommend making a trip to five guys if you haven't already - it's definitely worth the trip.

until next time xo
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