Monday, 10 August 2015

the new naked palate

(the new naked palate in smoky. available at debenhams and house of fraser)

stop. this is more exciting than a new kardashian baby. more exciting than if aliens landed on this planet. MORE exciting than....well. you get the picture. there's a new urban decay eyeshadow palate in town. and instead of calling it 'naked 4', they've gone with the smoky eye. capitalising in on the biggest make up trend of this decade, UD have created a new palate for us all to go mad over. and they have once again succeeded.

i didn't want to do a fancy photography post on this, as i want to make sure you can all see it for what it is, and the true colour of the shades. at first i wasn't sure if i even needed this, as i have the naked 3 palate and a mac palate. but, after close examination, i decided it was a matter of life or death, and that i DEFINITELY needed it. 

in comparison to naked 3, it is MUCH different. naked 3 is very much rose golds, and my mac palate is warm tones which again creates a gorgeous bronze eye, but a smoky eye wasn't on the card. this palate is perfect for creating that perfect grey and black smoky eye - the one that looks fab day or night. 

the 12 shades range from glittery bronzes to deep matte blacks, with some stunning taupes and silvers thrown in the mix. 9 of the shades are exclusive to this palate, which makes them even more exciting.  i personally love the dirty sweet and radar colours, which are glittery warm golds and bronzes. this is a fantastic 'day' look, which makes your eyes really pop when you're at work or out with your friends. for a night look, i would team slanted, dagger and a little bit of smoulder in the crease of your eye. this would be a perfect dramatic night look, and the purpley tone of smoulder is gorgeous.

the palate comes with a double ended brush, which acts as a tapered crease brush and a smudger brush on the other end. this is the perfect tool to create that smoky eye. however, i would also recommend having a spare smudging brush on the side in case you need an extra hand. i would also recommend teaming this with the eyeshadow primer from UD, to make sure that painstakingly applied eyeshadow doesn't budge from day to night. 

i would definitely recommend this palate, especially if you want eyeshadows that will be good in any situation. for £38, you're getting a bit of a bargain. trust me, these colours last forever. 

let me know what you think! until next time xo 


  1. It looks so good...each blog post I read weakens my resolve that bit more!

  2. Ahhh that palette looks amazing! I bought a dupe of it recently, but you can't beat the real thing. Might have to make my bank balance suffer just a little more ahaha!

    Lovely post x

  3. I have just bought this palette and love it! The colours are just gorgeous (especially High!)

    Rachael at


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