Saturday, 22 August 2015

the denim pinafore

(pinafore - - topshop...trainers - adidas)

there was obviously something interesting going on in the background of these photos.

denim pinafores are everywhere at the moment, and my wardrobe is no exception. styling it with a grey crop top and adidas trainers gave it a slight sports luxe feel, that transcends into summer. admittedly, i did think it would be brighter when these were shot.

winter won't mean putting this little number away, oh no. team with thick tights, big boots and a cute shirt underneath you're ready to go - especially if you have a long boxer winter coat. those are some winter style goals right there.

i'm going to feature these adidas rize trainers in more detail soon, but it's definitely love. i absolutely love the chunkier sole, and how blooming white they are - i wonder how long that will last...

have you succumbed to the denim mini?

until next time xo 


  1. Really love the denim strap dress - love the free style!!

  2. Love the pinafore! May have to treat myself... ;) xx


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