Saturday, 15 August 2015

lush milton keynes present the new oxford street range

this week i felt like a real blogger, because i went to a blogging event. i don't usually get to go as i work, and i can't make it for 5.30 into london. but this was a fantastic exception as it was held in my hometown of milton keynes - yay! mega brand lush have just launched their flagship store on oxford street, introducing brand new lines that excite the hell out of us bloggers. they've recently extended these exclusives into their nationwide stores, and we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek. 

the first thing about lush is everything smells so damn good. and that's still going with their new range. they've introduced a range of new bath bombs to make bath time funtime. one of these is based on FROZEN. yes the disney film. it's stunning, with amazing blue colours that would make Queen Elsa relax. another amazing bath bomb which i was particularly in love with was 'Intergalactic', which was a really nice minty smell that would leave you feeling super fresh.

i loved all the new skin and body care products, as this is what i'm particularly obsessed with at the moment. they had a great range of new hand creams and washes that leave your hands feeling SUPER smooth, i really liked the golden handshake hand mask, which you physically coat your hand in and wash off for AMAZING smooth skin. bit of a faff, but worth it! 

we were also introduced to a new range of soaps. the one that caught EVERYONE'S eye was the one shaped as a grapefruit, which would just make you want to buy the whole thing. i also loved a new soap which name has vanished from my memory, but it smells just like rock. the one you buy at the seaside. yup. 

another thing that really highlighted my love for lush was how ethical everything is. they've reduced their packaging recently to be kinder to mother earth, and everything is made in a lovely green and environmentally friendly way. it's good to know a brand is fighting earth's corner. i also love how they take political stances, for instance the recent 'gay is ok' campaign. brands who have voices are so important, as they promote more than just products. 

i would definitely recommend heading over to lush for these new exclusives. you won't regret it.

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  1. I so need to check out the Oxford Street lush! I only work 5 minutes away but just know that I'll buy everything inside haha x

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