Wednesday, 26 August 2015

battle of the contour kits

contouring is now a term as common as blogging. thanks to the kardashians and their seemingly chiseled cheek bones, this make up technique is requested to MUA's everywhere. brands then jumped on the band wagon and created easy peasy kits for normal people like me, allowing me to try and forget my chubby cheeks for ten minutes as i pout like crazy.

i have got my mits on two of the most well known contour kits out there at the moment, both offering perfect cheekbones but at very different prices. the make up revolution contour kit comes in 8 shades, at just £8, whilst the smashbox contour kit comes with 3 and is a whopping £35. so, the verdict? let's see.

the colours:
the make up revolution kit comes in 8 shades, which annoyingly don't have colours. they span from highlighters, contour colours, bronzers and also some amazing marble effect highlighters that could also team up as eyeshadows. they are extremely pigmented, which surprised me. i actually loved all the colours, and the variation offered to me. smash box comes in 3 simple shades, a contour / bronzer / highlighter - and BOY are these pigmented! Despite not getting a wide selection for the money you pay, the colours are strong and you don't feel like you need too much for a great effect. 
WINNER - a draw.

the application:
after watching numerous videos, i realised the best way to apply is to apply the contour shades in a 3 figure down your face...then apply bronzer along your cheek bone...then highlight highlight highlight! 
make up revolution was quite easy to apply, but i did find myself having to add a few more layers of the highlight and contour shades to see the colour. the marble highlighter shades are GORGEOUS though, and i wanted to cover my face in them. the smash box colours were MUCH easier to see on application, and you didn't need to apply too much to see a real noticeable shade. although i will admit i added a bit of the MUR highlighter to it.
WINNER - smash box.

the results:
i won't lie, both created a very similar result. they create a lovely bronzed look that is perfectly complimented by the highlighters provided. using the specific contour brushes that are recommended, you can't go wrong. the mur contour palate doesn't come with brushes, but the F105 and Pro Curve Contour brush are only £5 each - and are well worth the investment! the smash box kit comes with a brush, which is lovely and soft....but really, the results are the same.
WINNER - a draw. 

overall, it's a tough call between the two. one thing i will mention is that the powders in BOTH palates go everywhere, and there is a lot of spill over from them during application. it's really tough to pick between the two. i would recommend make up revolution for the colours, and the amazing choice you are given, allowing you to create amazing looks for a great price. smash box is great for the free brush, and the simple three colour choice. but, really, the make up revolution kit is FAB for £8, and i would really make it a vital purchase in your make up kit!

until next time xo

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  1. Great review, looking at the photographs i'd say the make up revolution kit looks the best, especially with the price too!

    Emma at


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