Wednesday, 26 August 2015

battle of the contour kits

contouring is now a term as common as blogging. thanks to the kardashians and their seemingly chiseled cheek bones, this make up technique is requested to MUA's everywhere. brands then jumped on the band wagon and created easy peasy kits for normal people like me, allowing me to try and forget my chubby cheeks for ten minutes as i pout like crazy.

i have got my mits on two of the most well known contour kits out there at the moment, both offering perfect cheekbones but at very different prices. the make up revolution contour kit comes in 8 shades, at just £8, whilst the smashbox contour kit comes with 3 and is a whopping £35. so, the verdict? let's see.

the colours:
the make up revolution kit comes in 8 shades, which annoyingly don't have colours. they span from highlighters, contour colours, bronzers and also some amazing marble effect highlighters that could also team up as eyeshadows. they are extremely pigmented, which surprised me. i actually loved all the colours, and the variation offered to me. smash box comes in 3 simple shades, a contour / bronzer / highlighter - and BOY are these pigmented! Despite not getting a wide selection for the money you pay, the colours are strong and you don't feel like you need too much for a great effect. 
WINNER - a draw.

the application:
after watching numerous videos, i realised the best way to apply is to apply the contour shades in a 3 figure down your face...then apply bronzer along your cheek bone...then highlight highlight highlight! 
make up revolution was quite easy to apply, but i did find myself having to add a few more layers of the highlight and contour shades to see the colour. the marble highlighter shades are GORGEOUS though, and i wanted to cover my face in them. the smash box colours were MUCH easier to see on application, and you didn't need to apply too much to see a real noticeable shade. although i will admit i added a bit of the MUR highlighter to it.
WINNER - smash box.

the results:
i won't lie, both created a very similar result. they create a lovely bronzed look that is perfectly complimented by the highlighters provided. using the specific contour brushes that are recommended, you can't go wrong. the mur contour palate doesn't come with brushes, but the F105 and Pro Curve Contour brush are only £5 each - and are well worth the investment! the smash box kit comes with a brush, which is lovely and soft....but really, the results are the same.
WINNER - a draw. 

overall, it's a tough call between the two. one thing i will mention is that the powders in BOTH palates go everywhere, and there is a lot of spill over from them during application. it's really tough to pick between the two. i would recommend make up revolution for the colours, and the amazing choice you are given, allowing you to create amazing looks for a great price. smash box is great for the free brush, and the simple three colour choice. but, really, the make up revolution kit is FAB for £8, and i would really make it a vital purchase in your make up kit!

until next time xo

Saturday, 22 August 2015

the denim pinafore

(pinafore - - topshop...trainers - adidas)

there was obviously something interesting going on in the background of these photos.

denim pinafores are everywhere at the moment, and my wardrobe is no exception. styling it with a grey crop top and adidas trainers gave it a slight sports luxe feel, that transcends into summer. admittedly, i did think it would be brighter when these were shot.

winter won't mean putting this little number away, oh no. team with thick tights, big boots and a cute shirt underneath you're ready to go - especially if you have a long boxer winter coat. those are some winter style goals right there.

i'm going to feature these adidas rize trainers in more detail soon, but it's definitely love. i absolutely love the chunkier sole, and how blooming white they are - i wonder how long that will last...

have you succumbed to the denim mini?

until next time xo 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

the compliment campaign

it happens every single day all over the country. 
'i love your dress, it's so so nice!'
'oh this? it's so old, i need to chuck it away'
'no it's so cute, love it! wish i could pull it off, you have a great figure.'
'uch are you kidding my hips are huge, you have the best hips!'
'oh no, my ankles are stumpy....' 
'are you kidding! just LOOK at my calves....'

and so on, and so forth.

when did it become so difficult for us to accept compliments?

i'm not saying this happens to me everyday, i don't get complimented everyday. it's not a personal thing of me moaning that god i just get so many nice things said to me it's EXHAUSTING. it's completely the opposite. nice things are said to so many people everyday, and it is rare that i hear one accepted. it got me thinking... why?

i believe we live in a culture where one of the biggest taboos is confidence. you never want to be seen as overly confident, or even worse - described as VAIN. it would be a horror to think that people think of you as someone who loves themselves, someone who genuinely felt they were the bees knees and accepted every compliment with a spritely 'thank you, i know it looks good, that's why i bought it'. i once replied to a compliment with this remark, in a sarcastic tone OF COURSE, and was met with a snort and a 'alright chill out'. does the compliment automatically get taken back if you accept it? it's almost like if we acknowledge what it is good about ourselves, people don't want to tell us out of fear of making our heads big. if they award the compliment to you, then it's different. 

there is a real thin line, of course, between arrogance and self confidence. no one wants to be arrogant, and feel that they are better than someone else. however, what is so wrong with liking yourself? what is so wrong with thinking 'i really really like how i looked in those jeans'...or, 'i guess my eyes are quite nice'. it is drilled into us every single day by campaigns by Dove or Always that we must project positive body confidence in young girls - but how can we do this when millennials and older still find it difficult to love ourselves?

social media has made confidence a real issue. every single day we are presented with selfies on instagram of STUNNING girls, with perfect make up, perfect top knots, and perfect outfits. we take selfies of ourselves, uploading them... and so we must acknowledge that, to an extent, we like ourselves in that photo. yet, if a comment is made, we tend to reply with 'pfftt i look like an alien!'... then why upload the photo? we cry for attention on instagram for acceptance, and once it is given we chuck it away. what a waste of a selfie. 

i am the worst offender for this. i could never accept a compliment even if it was shoved into my arms and the owner ran away. i automatically reject it, stating what's wrong with me, or just smirking it off. i'm worse when i'm asked what do you think you're good at? as i reply meekly with 'not sure really'. deep down, there are a few things i think i'm good at. but i don't want to tell anyone. even writing that has made me hot and sweaty, and worried that people reading this will think i am vain. i even deleted and retyped it, wondering whether i should actively admit that i might think i'm good at a few things. THERE. writing it again has made me panicky. send help. 

what can we do to start accepting these AWKWARD compliments?

i urge you to start slow. if someone gives you a compliment (which they will, because you're fab) reply with 'thank you.' if you feel really awkward (which i will) return it with something you like about them. perhaps it's their clothes, their hair, or something they did that day that stood out to you. people like to feel good, but they just don't like to show it.

let's all start being more positive. we aren't arrogant, we are a generation of confident self starters who have open minds, hearts and are full of compassion...

so if someone compliments your shoes, take it. you deserve it.

i will try to follow suit. let me know how you get on.

until next time xo

Monday, 17 August 2015

my ode to social media

my first experience of social media was the newsround chat room when i was 10. i used to love going on there under my alias sLuSh*PuPpY*tO*dIe*FoR (not sure either), and discussing films ('omgz can't WAIT for the new harry potter!) ('is anyone else's mum not letting them get the new avril album because it says parental advisory?')...and other important issues. i remember even then thinking that this was SO cool, that i could chat to people all over the country. ofc, i was plagued by the scary chatroom stories. but news round was harmless. 

this was my first taste of social media.

i then progressed onto msn, where my email address was billies_converse_kicking_babe (after billie joe from green day), and i learnt how 2 tlk lyk dis lol and also the pure excitement of the drama of an msn argument. i then got a myspace, and my obsession with social media really kicked off. i spent all my evenings on it, sending out bulletin quizzes, learning my first html, and loving life when i realised the code to read peoples comments even when they were hidden.

this now all seems a little pre-historic.

we now live in a world where making videos about lipgloss pays you bigger bucks than most jobs. where there's a new platform everyday, providing more instant content 24 hours a day. the world has changed from the awkward chatroom days, into a world of social progression and instant conversation. 

and we are the generation that has it at the palm of our hand.

we are incredibly lucky to be the voice of social media. i am 22 years old, and my whole career is shaped by the ever changing sphere that surrounds this market. i instantly understand whole new platforms that may take others (ie. my mum, sorry mum) months to master. by the clicks of a few buttons, i've worked out a brand new app. my mind is programmed to understand this new technology. because it is all programmed by conversation, an art that we have learned to master in a new form. conversation has advanced beyond telephone calls and face to face, we can now call people across the world and see them on FaceTime. social media has been the saviour of friendships, relationships and more due to its instant factor. the early days of msn have allowed my mind to understand the web better than any generation before me (sans bill gates...), and as it grows - i grow too. 

it has been said that generation y are a lost cause. that social media is a hindrance to us, that we will never understand REAL conversation as we are so tuned into a world that, in essence, isn't real. we are addicted to the now, to getting our information fast and forgetting it even faster. we are easily pleased, but we are easily disgusted - turning on someone faster than you can say hashtag. we use our freedom of speech to tweet what we love, what we hate...sometimes, taking it too far. people say that social media will never allow us to be happy, as we are always looking for the next best thing - never settling for what we think is good enough, as in this life, nothing is good enough. as we are so aware of people who have more. more likes, more favourites, more free stuff, more money - we are exposed to it all. 

to an extent, this is true. social media is not always the inventive, inspiring place i like to see it. it can be dark. the trolls that wait around the corner, jumping on tragedies and chuckling at others can make it horrific. the people who manipulate and lure vulnerable teens into awful situations. i even sometimes hate the INSTANT-ness of it, as i will always know something before someone else - even if i don't want to. which can sometimes stunt conversation as someone tries to converse with you about a trend you saw 4 hours ago. it's old news, and this creates issues. 

some people just don't get it. i'm asked what i do for my job, and sometimes i find it difficult to articulate. i'm met with 'so you just sit on Twitter all day?' and effectively, yes... i do. but i also monitor trends, hijack ideas for clients, research influencers, analyse campaigns, come to grips with analytics far beyond my GCSE maths skills... it's not just as simple as refreshing your twitter.

to me, it's a playground. forgetting firstly that it's my job, i feel that social media has created amazing opportunities for so many people. the viral factor that has raised so much money for charity, awareness of important issues, and shown solidarity in times of strife. the freedom of speech, allowing you to clear your name against others, and articulate how you feel. the spotlight you get in 140 characters, or a photo upload... it has been the reason people like justin bieber, zoella etc are who they are today. the reach is incredible, and to think that one person half way across the world loves your blog, or favourited your tweet... can be mind blowing. 

social media is a skill that we can put on a CV and genuinely be considered for a job. when you look deeper, there's an art to success. it's not just pot luck, there are algorithms, theories, and codes that create this massive web of speech. it's always expanding, it's such a new subject that we don't even KNOW what's next. which is exciting. and i love it. 

social media is a world of twists and turns, and we have no idea what's next. whether it's a new platform that will finally outdo Facebook, or what the trends will even be in 20 minutes. you're always learning, and i love being a part of the social media generation.

until next time xo

Saturday, 15 August 2015

lush milton keynes present the new oxford street range

this week i felt like a real blogger, because i went to a blogging event. i don't usually get to go as i work, and i can't make it for 5.30 into london. but this was a fantastic exception as it was held in my hometown of milton keynes - yay! mega brand lush have just launched their flagship store on oxford street, introducing brand new lines that excite the hell out of us bloggers. they've recently extended these exclusives into their nationwide stores, and we were lucky enough to have a sneak peek. 

the first thing about lush is everything smells so damn good. and that's still going with their new range. they've introduced a range of new bath bombs to make bath time funtime. one of these is based on FROZEN. yes the disney film. it's stunning, with amazing blue colours that would make Queen Elsa relax. another amazing bath bomb which i was particularly in love with was 'Intergalactic', which was a really nice minty smell that would leave you feeling super fresh.

i loved all the new skin and body care products, as this is what i'm particularly obsessed with at the moment. they had a great range of new hand creams and washes that leave your hands feeling SUPER smooth, i really liked the golden handshake hand mask, which you physically coat your hand in and wash off for AMAZING smooth skin. bit of a faff, but worth it! 

we were also introduced to a new range of soaps. the one that caught EVERYONE'S eye was the one shaped as a grapefruit, which would just make you want to buy the whole thing. i also loved a new soap which name has vanished from my memory, but it smells just like rock. the one you buy at the seaside. yup. 

another thing that really highlighted my love for lush was how ethical everything is. they've reduced their packaging recently to be kinder to mother earth, and everything is made in a lovely green and environmentally friendly way. it's good to know a brand is fighting earth's corner. i also love how they take political stances, for instance the recent 'gay is ok' campaign. brands who have voices are so important, as they promote more than just products. 

i would definitely recommend heading over to lush for these new exclusives. you won't regret it.

until next time xo


Monday, 10 August 2015

the new naked palate

(the new naked palate in smoky. available at debenhams and house of fraser)

stop. this is more exciting than a new kardashian baby. more exciting than if aliens landed on this planet. MORE exciting than....well. you get the picture. there's a new urban decay eyeshadow palate in town. and instead of calling it 'naked 4', they've gone with the smoky eye. capitalising in on the biggest make up trend of this decade, UD have created a new palate for us all to go mad over. and they have once again succeeded.

i didn't want to do a fancy photography post on this, as i want to make sure you can all see it for what it is, and the true colour of the shades. at first i wasn't sure if i even needed this, as i have the naked 3 palate and a mac palate. but, after close examination, i decided it was a matter of life or death, and that i DEFINITELY needed it. 

in comparison to naked 3, it is MUCH different. naked 3 is very much rose golds, and my mac palate is warm tones which again creates a gorgeous bronze eye, but a smoky eye wasn't on the card. this palate is perfect for creating that perfect grey and black smoky eye - the one that looks fab day or night. 

the 12 shades range from glittery bronzes to deep matte blacks, with some stunning taupes and silvers thrown in the mix. 9 of the shades are exclusive to this palate, which makes them even more exciting.  i personally love the dirty sweet and radar colours, which are glittery warm golds and bronzes. this is a fantastic 'day' look, which makes your eyes really pop when you're at work or out with your friends. for a night look, i would team slanted, dagger and a little bit of smoulder in the crease of your eye. this would be a perfect dramatic night look, and the purpley tone of smoulder is gorgeous.

the palate comes with a double ended brush, which acts as a tapered crease brush and a smudger brush on the other end. this is the perfect tool to create that smoky eye. however, i would also recommend having a spare smudging brush on the side in case you need an extra hand. i would also recommend teaming this with the eyeshadow primer from UD, to make sure that painstakingly applied eyeshadow doesn't budge from day to night. 

i would definitely recommend this palate, especially if you want eyeshadows that will be good in any situation. for £38, you're getting a bit of a bargain. trust me, these colours last forever. 

let me know what you think! until next time xo 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

rebellious princess

(crop top - topshop...skirt - topshop...sandals - new look)

sniff. this reminds me of being on holiday. in the gorgeous sun and able to wear these kind of outfits in the EVENING without shivering and bringing out a jacket. those were the days. sigh.

i know, i know. another all black outfit. i promise i'm not a goth. but black is just so flattering, you know? this outfit was perfect for a lovely evening meal and drinks afterwards. the skirt made me feel like a rebellious princess - twirling and feeling feminine with a tough edge.

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until next time xo
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