Saturday, 4 July 2015

blind as a bat

let's be real here - i am blind as a bat. my eyesight is nothing short of a joke. since i was 11, my eyes have got progressively worse, and now i have to always wear contact lenses or glasses...otherwise, girl can't see a thang. if you have atrocious eyesight, you'll know how important it is to have a nice pair of glasses. if you have to have a massive thing on your face helping your eyesight, it has to be nice.

glasses direct very kindly let me pick a pair of glasses that i liked, to feel a little bit more comfortable when i have to wear them. i admit, i normally wear contact lenses...but now i have these gorgeous bailey glasses, i think i'll be rocking the speccy 4 eyes look a little more. i like the bold black frame, they are a great asset to any outfit, and instantly 'zoosh' up clothes that feel a little flat. also, you feel dead clever when you wear them. it's a fact.

another great little push to shop at glasses direct is this - they're truly nice guys. they've recently released a new range of glasses with jewellery designer Nicholas King to support eyesight charity Orbis. this is an amazing charity helping people all over the world with their eyesight, especially in third world countries who don't have the help there. the frames are really cool, and he's worked with people like Chanel. fashionable and for a good cause? get in there.

i fully recommend all blind bats go to glasses direct, i loved their free trail of 4 frames as well to help me pick my favourite. 

until next time xo



  1. These are definitely something similar to what I want next time I'm due for new glasses. They really suit you!
    -Leah xxx

  2. Gorgeous! :)

  3. Hi Louisa,
    Thanks for the shout out re my glasses project for Glassedirect. Will all the profits going to Orbis I hope lots of people go out and get a pair. I'm super proud of them.
    Thanks and the blog is great btw.


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