Thursday, 23 July 2015

the black jumpsuit

(jumpsuit - similar here)

sometimes you want to feel fantastic. those nights where you slip something on and just feel da bomb. this jumpsuit did everything for me and more. it's a dream.

the moment i tried it on i fell in love. it slipped on like a glove, and really flattered me in the right places. I'm a curvy laddyyyyyyyy with hips and a bum, but it made me feel tiny on my waist and i loved the cut outs. the back gave it that oomph factor, and made it perfect for a summer night out.

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Monday, 6 July 2015

the botanist - alderley edge

(all food kindly given to us courtesy of the botanist)

cheshire is fast becoming my favourite place to eat. yes, london is cool, and who DOESN'T enjoy a meat liquor burger...but i love exploring and finding quirky new places to eat. the botanist is in alderley edge (kind of like the chelsea of cheshire), and has always been THE place to go according to my northern pals. so, i ventured up north to see what all the fuss was about.

the first thing is - the botanist is so cool. the interior is spot on, really quirky and definitely has a vintage feel. you feel at home as soon as you walk in. everywhere you look there's something cool going on, whether it's the pictures on the walls or the amazingly lit bar - it's instagram worthy. 

we sat down, and i was instantly excited to start taking photos. we ordered our drinks, and were not disappointed. the botanist is the kind of place people come just for cocktails in the evening, they're THAT good. i went for a rose margarita, which was really light and summery. we also went for a grape, elderflower cooler - which was LEGIT the nicest thing i've ever ever ever drunk in my life. please start selling this in shops?

onto the food! for start, i predictably chose calamari and joe went for chipolate sausages. my calamari was sublime, the perfect amount of crispy batter to the calamari - one of the best i've ever had. joe loved his honey grain mustard that came with his sausages, simply giving me a wide eyed stare when he bit into it - which MUST mean it's good!

for our mains, i tried something new. the sea bass with pico de gallo. it was insane, the perfect light summer meal. i had sugar snap peas with it, which was the perfect compliment. the sea bass was fresh, and cooked perfectly. i rarely try new dishes, so i was so chuffed with this decision! joe went with a hanging chicken skewer, which he loved. he also added the chips were amazing, so definitely get a portion to share! the botanist seemed to specialise in home cooked meals, such as proper and chips...steak sandwiches - so it really adds to the 'home' appeal.

for dessert, we were predictable and once again went with fudge cake. it's a classic, and rarely done wrong. no exception here. you can also get a hanging skewer in your DESSERT, with strawberry and marshmellow. let me know if you try that!
all in all, the botanist was amazing. i loved the vibes, the food, and definitely wish i had more time to try out all the cocktails. i feel like presentation is what really sets this place apart, little touches like putting mayo in a watering can. inspired, and it leaves a lasting places in your memory. the service was fantastic, with really friendly waitresses chatting to you which really makes the difference.

let me know if you visit the botanist! follow them on twitter here for more information.

until next time xo 


Saturday, 4 July 2015

blind as a bat

let's be real here - i am blind as a bat. my eyesight is nothing short of a joke. since i was 11, my eyes have got progressively worse, and now i have to always wear contact lenses or glasses...otherwise, girl can't see a thang. if you have atrocious eyesight, you'll know how important it is to have a nice pair of glasses. if you have to have a massive thing on your face helping your eyesight, it has to be nice.

glasses direct very kindly let me pick a pair of glasses that i liked, to feel a little bit more comfortable when i have to wear them. i admit, i normally wear contact lenses...but now i have these gorgeous bailey glasses, i think i'll be rocking the speccy 4 eyes look a little more. i like the bold black frame, they are a great asset to any outfit, and instantly 'zoosh' up clothes that feel a little flat. also, you feel dead clever when you wear them. it's a fact.

another great little push to shop at glasses direct is this - they're truly nice guys. they've recently released a new range of glasses with jewellery designer Nicholas King to support eyesight charity Orbis. this is an amazing charity helping people all over the world with their eyesight, especially in third world countries who don't have the help there. the frames are really cool, and he's worked with people like Chanel. fashionable and for a good cause? get in there.

i fully recommend all blind bats go to glasses direct, i loved their free trail of 4 frames as well to help me pick my favourite. 

until next time xo

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