Sunday, 28 June 2015

the alchemist - manchester

(all food was courtesy of the alchemist)

firstly, i must admit something. i took loads of photos of our dinner...and unfortunately, my memory card decided to have a paddy and delete them all. i am distraught, and i can imagine my boyfriend is angry as i made him wait before he ate everything. apologies. 

anyway, last weekend i made a trip up to manchester to visit joe to go holiday shopping. i love manchester, it's a different atmosphere to london with all of the same shops. i like a change. after we'd shopped till we dropped, we visted the alchemist which is tucked away on new york street...and boy, it was good. 

i imagined the alchemist to be kind of vintage looking, with rustic furniture... i couldn't have been more wrong. it boasts really modern features, with fantastic lighting and a massive bar in the middle which i imagine is really fun in the evenings as it serves up its famous cocktails. i loved its layout, and felt like it would be great for a special occasion.

once we were seated, we set to work on the menu. it has an almost medieval feel, with the menu featuring illustrations that wouldn't look out of place on the bayeux tapestry. we started with our cocktails. i ordered a passion fruit meringue. it was DELICIOUS, really sweet but not sickly. joe ordered a hipflask, which was a concoction of pure alcohols mixed together served on the rocks. joe actually loved it, especially because he got to KEEP the hipflash afterwards. lovely.

now, onto the main attraction...the food!

i had the calamari to start, whilst joe had the chicken wings. i love calamari, and this was up there with the nicest i've had - one little gripe would be there wasn't enough, but that's because i'm greedy. joe liked his chicken wings, and the bbq sauce was gorgeous. messy, but worth it!

i chose a bacon + cheese burger with fries for my main, which you may think is dull, but you can't beat a classic. it was sensational, a really soft bun with real meat inside - and lots of delicious cheese. i actually finished the entire thing, which is a very good sign as i NEVER finish burgers. ever. i especially liked the salsa dip that came with the chips, a nice change! joe had a steak sandwich with dipping gravy, a meal that seemed catered to him. he loved it, the thickness of the bread was amazing, and the steak teamed with gorgeous onions. perfection! they also offer all sorts of other mains, including steaks and fajitas - which smelt AMAZING, so i would recommend these as well!

whilst this food was DEFINITELY enough, we needed a dessert ofc... i got the chocolate fudge cake, whilst joe chose the salted caramel cheesecake. we were both very impressed with the rich taste of both desserts, and generally felt very satisfied after.

i would 100% recommend a visit to the alchemist if you're ever in manchester. great food, with affordable prices + an amazing atmosphere - just prepare to feel like you need to be rolled home after!

until next time xo


  1. Ahh this place seems amazing! I've never actually heard of this place before but I'm always on the hunt for a new place to eat and this is definitely on my list for next time I go to Manchester!

  2. That sounds incredible! Especially the burger - I always go for a standard bacon and cheese too :D xx

  3. I love it here - the white chocolate and raspberry martini is heaven in a glass!

    Tori | 30 Plus and Beautiful

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