Tuesday, 16 June 2015

help! i'm a mediocre blogger!

(standard blogging essentials)

I started blogging two years ago, when the big names like Zoella were still hidden secrets. When ‘normal’ people didn’t know what the Naked palate was, and what the big deal was. When taking photos on your iPhone was OK. Fast forward to today, and it’s a very different world. Zoella is in Vogue, and a bestselling author. The Naked Palate is as necessary in a girl’s handbag as mascara, and iPhone photos are frowned upon. As a fashion blogger, it’s hard to find your place in this crazy world.

And even more so, when you’re a mediocre blogger.

This isn’t a cry for help. Or attention. It’s mainly a musing I’ve felt recently, one that has actually encouraged me to be better. But recently, I’ve felt a very prominent issue coming to the forefront of my mind when I post, or tweet. I am mediocre. My blog is not special, it is not outstanding, it is not getting the views I feel it deserves. And I was, actually, a bit upset about this.

It all started when we had that bloody fire. My blog was doing OK, I was working with good companies, getting a little bit of money, and feeling like I was working my way up. Then, the fire ruined everything. It took my clothes, my camera, my laptop, and my motivation. I didn’t blog for a while, which wasn’t intentional, I was just busy. But, when I started up again, I felt my content was lacking – my photos weren’t as good, my clothes weren’t me, and I felt I had lost my mojo. I started creating content I THOUGHT I should be making. List posts, nostalgic posts…whilst these did well, it didn’t feel like ME. I wanted to be posting about fashion, about the clothes I loved, the shows that stood out to me… and on the flip side, I wanted to start commenting on things that mean a lot to me. Like social media, mental health, and just feeling generally strange at 22.

After hitting a wall on a rainy Sunday afternoon (when I say that, I mean I cried because I missed my blog) I decided to do something about it. I bought a new camera, which had a hefty price tag, but has made me feel so happy I almost don’t care. I started thinking more creatively, which is easier to do when you have an amazing camera. I started bullying my friends + family again to take photos of me. And I’m starting to feel a little more fashion fumblings and less fashion ramblings…

I feel that there’s a lot of ‘oneupmanship’ in blogging. You always feel jealous of people’s opportunities, you see people who started at the same time as you doing well and you think why isn’t that me? I was once, believe it or not, nominated in the same category as InTheFrow, who has gone on to KILL IT. It makes you feel inferior, like what is the point? 

Also, since blogging has BLOWN UP, it’s been very hard for the middle men to make the cut. You see a lot of the same bloggers covering the same new releases, and think why didn’t I get asked? Brands you once had strong relationships with now no longer reply to your emails, as there is now a skill and an algorithm to blogger relations . It’s no longer based on human intuition. It’s a numbers game, and if you haven’t got it, the big-wigs don’t want to know – after all, how can they make any money from a mediocre blogger? It can be tough to feel motivated as you begin to feel dejected.

But believe me, there’s always a point. A blog is a labour of love, a piece of work you slave over when you could be watching Netflix or out with your friends. To quit now would make the 2 years of posing against walls pointless, and I wouldn’t want to. I love blogging, and it’s a real hobby I have thrown myself into.

I hope moving forward my blog continues to grow a little every day, and feel more brilliant than mediocre. After all, we all want to feel special – and there’s room for all of us. This is not a cry for help or attention; it’s a sigh of relief as I get this off my chest. And aim to be better.

Until next time xo



  1. Oh Louisa, I'm so glad that you posted this. First because I bet you feel better now. And secondly because there's a lot of us who feel the same way. My blog isn't anything like I feel it should be and I'm so frustrated - mostly with myself.
    We had a fire too but it was years ago, and I still remember who difficult it was. So I hope you're feeling happier about things now and don't dwell on what's happening for other people. At least you're not under massive pressure with your content and can still do exactly what you want


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, it's so refreshing to read.
      I do feel that I have got a lot off my chest, and hopefully now I can go up!

      I'm sorry to hear about your fire, I know how horrible they are so I do feel for you :(

      Thanks so much for your comment xxx

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I'm discovering your blog through it, and could really relate to what you said...
    I can't imagine how difficult the fire must have been... I hope you are happy now.
    Anyways, thanks for sharing this post !

    PS : Sorry for my english, i'm French :)

  3. Hello Louise! This is a great post and I'm glad you're feeling motivated! It's so easy to lose your fire, especially when blogging isn't the little secret it use to be. I feel very similar, I always ask why am I not getting same opportunities as my more established blogger friends but you are so right, blogging is a labour of love. I love that phrase.
    Keep it going because I love your blog! You were one if the first blogs I followed when I started :)
    Sending you love and light.
    Little Katie


  4. This is a great post that I definitely can relate to. I hope everything is better now for you and keep it going! Never give up on what you love... ¨)

  5. It's so lovely to read such an honest post, Louisa. I've always had a mediocre blog - if I'm being honest with myself, I've never committed to it as much as I should have, being flakey with content and regular posting, and sometimes I think 'Oh, that's okay, I only do it for fun anyway' and then other times I realise how much I love blogging and how I should really pour more of myself (and my effort) into it. I can't imagine how you must feel, going from feeling like you were getting somewhere to feeling mediocre. I hope this post marks a new mood and a happier direction for Fashion Fumblings!


  6. I totally feel you on this! This is seriously not a promo comment, but I just posted about some of these same feelings (http://gingerandthefizz.com/2015/06/15/leather-jacket-mz-wallace-tote/). I think a lot of people are hitting that certain age in life where a) you see people moving on ahead of you for whatever reason, and b) you can't help but compare yourself to where they are and where you think you should be.

    I think noticing the difference between what posts you LIKE posting and what INSPIRES you, compared to what you thought you SHOULD post that did well with "numbers" is a great thing - because, while brands might focus on the numbers right now, they also want to work with bloggers who are real and who are passionate about it! :) I think in the end you'll come out on top if you post about what you love!

    Just know others of us feel the same way! xo

  7. Aw Louisa, I've always read your blog and personally I liked your different style of posting after the fire. I love reading about your career as it's similar to mine and I like a blog that isn't JUST fashion, beauty and blah reviews about blah products that EVERY blogger has. I'm a mediocre blogger too, and it frustrates me thinking of people my age and younger buying houses with the money they're making from blogging! But as long as you enjoying being part of the community and you're posting content you're happy with, I don't think it matters.

    Keep it going :))

    Fran Leanne x

  8. You certainly are brilliant lovely! :-) x

  9. I'm feeling exactly the same as this. I started in 2013 and started off really strong but now feel like I'm going nowhere, and haven't worked with a company in over 6 months and even then, nothing came about with the promised goods

  10. This is a brilliant post! I'm sure many bloggers out there can relate to you and how your feeling. :)

  11. This is a brillant post !

  12. Such a great post and I can really relate to it. What happened to the old style of blogging? It's so exciting to see what the future holds, but also a little scary xx

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  13. Love this post, I've just written something along the same lines scheduled for tomorrow. I've been in two minds about posting it but seeing this has given me the confidence to just do it.

    It's hard to not see the same success as other people when you've put in the same amount of time, effort and energy but at the same time, does it matter? If you genuinely enjoy blogging - which it looks like you do - don't let comparing yourself to others rip at your self esteem. You're killing it in your own right, I promise.
    Michelle x


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