Sunday, 28 June 2015

the alchemist - manchester

(all food was courtesy of the alchemist)

firstly, i must admit something. i took loads of photos of our dinner...and unfortunately, my memory card decided to have a paddy and delete them all. i am distraught, and i can imagine my boyfriend is angry as i made him wait before he ate everything. apologies. 

anyway, last weekend i made a trip up to manchester to visit joe to go holiday shopping. i love manchester, it's a different atmosphere to london with all of the same shops. i like a change. after we'd shopped till we dropped, we visted the alchemist which is tucked away on new york street...and boy, it was good. 

i imagined the alchemist to be kind of vintage looking, with rustic furniture... i couldn't have been more wrong. it boasts really modern features, with fantastic lighting and a massive bar in the middle which i imagine is really fun in the evenings as it serves up its famous cocktails. i loved its layout, and felt like it would be great for a special occasion.

once we were seated, we set to work on the menu. it has an almost medieval feel, with the menu featuring illustrations that wouldn't look out of place on the bayeux tapestry. we started with our cocktails. i ordered a passion fruit meringue. it was DELICIOUS, really sweet but not sickly. joe ordered a hipflask, which was a concoction of pure alcohols mixed together served on the rocks. joe actually loved it, especially because he got to KEEP the hipflash afterwards. lovely.

now, onto the main attraction...the food!

i had the calamari to start, whilst joe had the chicken wings. i love calamari, and this was up there with the nicest i've had - one little gripe would be there wasn't enough, but that's because i'm greedy. joe liked his chicken wings, and the bbq sauce was gorgeous. messy, but worth it!

i chose a bacon + cheese burger with fries for my main, which you may think is dull, but you can't beat a classic. it was sensational, a really soft bun with real meat inside - and lots of delicious cheese. i actually finished the entire thing, which is a very good sign as i NEVER finish burgers. ever. i especially liked the salsa dip that came with the chips, a nice change! joe had a steak sandwich with dipping gravy, a meal that seemed catered to him. he loved it, the thickness of the bread was amazing, and the steak teamed with gorgeous onions. perfection! they also offer all sorts of other mains, including steaks and fajitas - which smelt AMAZING, so i would recommend these as well!

whilst this food was DEFINITELY enough, we needed a dessert ofc... i got the chocolate fudge cake, whilst joe chose the salted caramel cheesecake. we were both very impressed with the rich taste of both desserts, and generally felt very satisfied after.

i would 100% recommend a visit to the alchemist if you're ever in manchester. great food, with affordable prices + an amazing atmosphere - just prepare to feel like you need to be rolled home after!

until next time xo

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

help! i'm a mediocre blogger!

(standard blogging essentials)

I started blogging two years ago, when the big names like Zoella were still hidden secrets. When ‘normal’ people didn’t know what the Naked palate was, and what the big deal was. When taking photos on your iPhone was OK. Fast forward to today, and it’s a very different world. Zoella is in Vogue, and a bestselling author. The Naked Palate is as necessary in a girl’s handbag as mascara, and iPhone photos are frowned upon. As a fashion blogger, it’s hard to find your place in this crazy world.

And even more so, when you’re a mediocre blogger.

This isn’t a cry for help. Or attention. It’s mainly a musing I’ve felt recently, one that has actually encouraged me to be better. But recently, I’ve felt a very prominent issue coming to the forefront of my mind when I post, or tweet. I am mediocre. My blog is not special, it is not outstanding, it is not getting the views I feel it deserves. And I was, actually, a bit upset about this.

It all started when we had that bloody fire. My blog was doing OK, I was working with good companies, getting a little bit of money, and feeling like I was working my way up. Then, the fire ruined everything. It took my clothes, my camera, my laptop, and my motivation. I didn’t blog for a while, which wasn’t intentional, I was just busy. But, when I started up again, I felt my content was lacking – my photos weren’t as good, my clothes weren’t me, and I felt I had lost my mojo. I started creating content I THOUGHT I should be making. List posts, nostalgic posts…whilst these did well, it didn’t feel like ME. I wanted to be posting about fashion, about the clothes I loved, the shows that stood out to me… and on the flip side, I wanted to start commenting on things that mean a lot to me. Like social media, mental health, and just feeling generally strange at 22.

After hitting a wall on a rainy Sunday afternoon (when I say that, I mean I cried because I missed my blog) I decided to do something about it. I bought a new camera, which had a hefty price tag, but has made me feel so happy I almost don’t care. I started thinking more creatively, which is easier to do when you have an amazing camera. I started bullying my friends + family again to take photos of me. And I’m starting to feel a little more fashion fumblings and less fashion ramblings…

I feel that there’s a lot of ‘oneupmanship’ in blogging. You always feel jealous of people’s opportunities, you see people who started at the same time as you doing well and you think why isn’t that me? I was once, believe it or not, nominated in the same category as InTheFrow, who has gone on to KILL IT. It makes you feel inferior, like what is the point? 

Also, since blogging has BLOWN UP, it’s been very hard for the middle men to make the cut. You see a lot of the same bloggers covering the same new releases, and think why didn’t I get asked? Brands you once had strong relationships with now no longer reply to your emails, as there is now a skill and an algorithm to blogger relations . It’s no longer based on human intuition. It’s a numbers game, and if you haven’t got it, the big-wigs don’t want to know – after all, how can they make any money from a mediocre blogger? It can be tough to feel motivated as you begin to feel dejected.

But believe me, there’s always a point. A blog is a labour of love, a piece of work you slave over when you could be watching Netflix or out with your friends. To quit now would make the 2 years of posing against walls pointless, and I wouldn’t want to. I love blogging, and it’s a real hobby I have thrown myself into.

I hope moving forward my blog continues to grow a little every day, and feel more brilliant than mediocre. After all, we all want to feel special – and there’s room for all of us. This is not a cry for help or attention; it’s a sigh of relief as I get this off my chest. And aim to be better.

Until next time xo


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

palm springs

(top - topshop...trousers - primark...heels - topshop... shades - atelier *)

the weather the other day was beyond glorious. the kind of weather where you just want to sit outside all day eating ice creams. the kind of weather that is just P E R F E C T for outfit photos...and teamed with my new camera,  i couldn't resist. 

this outfit is perfect for a Summer picnic, or drinks out that turns into going OUT OUT. you know what I mean. these trousers were an amazing find from primark, i'm literally obsessed with them. and teamed with these killer heels, you can't go wrong.

until next time xo


Sunday, 7 June 2015

the button up skirt

welcome back, fashion fumblings. 

i have a new camera and a new lease for blogging again. i started to lose my enthusiasm with this blogging business, mainly due to not having a camera anymore. i wanted everything that i put out there to be something i was proud of, and recently i just felt a little basic. so, i introduced an olympus pen epl7 into my life and now i feel like i am back.

here's a little outfit i wore on a recent jaunt to brighton with my best pal, hannah (thanks for the photos). this topshop skirt is everywhere at the moment, and it's the most versatile piece in my wardrobe. it's great for sunny days, and i can image it will look great in the winter with tights and a jumper. teamed with a little top, ankle boots and a cute bag, this was the perfect outfit to potter about the beautiful seaside town in.

until next time xo
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