Sunday, 31 May 2015

parisian wardrobe: essentials

the french, so i've heard, base their entire wardrobe on 5 essential pieces. clothing that transcends the season, goes with everything and every occasion, and are effortlessly chic when you throw them on. i've decided to emulate this in my own wardrobe, and i think i've got it down to my favourite 4 pieces for SS15.

1 - the white shirt.
an oversized shirt is almost like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans - it's a personal choice. i've tried on a few, and hadn't fallen in love with any yet. i also found they were EXPENSIVE, and not worth my pennies. that is, until i found this shirt from new look - just £14.99! i chuck it on and feel so chic and comfortable, it's effortless. a definite must have for SS15.

2 - the blue jeans.
now that the ripped jeans craze is kinda old hat, i was left with a dilemma - my only pair of blue jeans had massive rips in them. not exactly easy to wear everyday, as i work in an office and i expect ripped jeans wouldn't be appreciated. so, i bought some jamie high waisted blue jeans recently and LOVE THEM. high waisted jeans are the best invention in the world, and i feel that a blue pair of jeans are ideal for the upcoming summer months. dressed up or dressed down, these babies are perfect for every occasion.

3 - the denim skirt.
the last time i wore a denim skirt was when i was 14. i had cut it up so it was micro-short, with a dodgy uneven hem. i wore tights, ugg boots, and a top with a waist belt. needless to say, i have tainted memories of the denim mini. however, times have changed, and the button up high waisted denim skirt is now a key in my wardrobe. this bad boy is not only super flattering, it goes with EVERYTHING. white shirt? sure. striped top? why not! leather crop top? come join in! i love mine, as i can wear it to work and when i go out. invest NOW. also comes in blue denim!

4 - the lace up flats.
i feel like every blogger and their mother have these flats. i got mine a while ago (ahead of the curve, obvs) and i literally love them. i have never got so many compliments about a pair of shoes before! lace ups are this season's biggest trend, with heels/sandals/flats all following suit. they look great with jeans, and even with tights worn with the denim skirt. these are from new look, and i feel they're the best dupe for those ridikkkkkk expensive ones that started the trend. topshop are also doing these now, in black + brown. go on - treat yourself!

these 4 pieces are my summer essentials. what are yours? 
until next time xo



  1. I feel like one of my main goals in life is to have a parisian wardrobe which is kinda sad lol but very true, love the shirt and the skirt and I totally feel you on the ripped jeans! Ripped jeans are the only jeans I seem to find in the shops at the moment but I feel like that trend has come and gone?

    Soph, The Lust Journal

  2. Great wardrobe staples, you can't go wrong with these, and i'm really loving that a-line mini!

    Emma at


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