Monday, 13 April 2015

topshop lip ombres - review

(topshop lip ombre sets in baffle and curious)

topshop sure know how to start a trend, and are even better at jumping on a trend band wagon and completely owning it. the word 'ombre' has been around for a while, whether it's ombre hair, ombre tops, ombre nails.... it's everywhere. at lfw, topshop debuted their smudged, ombre lip look - to make it seem like the girls were fresh from kissing their boiz. well folks, they've just released this new kit - and i was VERY keen to try it out.

i jumped on this band wagon as soon as i saw it on twitter. i loved the idea, it's a fresh take on lipstick and it's different. i picked up the lip ombre sets in the colour baffle, which is a highly pigmented red with a lighter orange tone, and curious, which is more purple and pink. 

the packaging...the sets are really well packaged. they come in small little compacts, with one lid offering a mirror and the darker shade, and underneath you flip it up for the lighter one. it's really small and compact, meaning it's super easy to just chuck it in your bag on the go. the only thing i would say, is it would be better if it came with a brush. i'll come onto this later, but it would have been SO MUCH EASIER to apply with a double ended brush.

the application...the best way to describe this, if you're using your fingers, is messy. you dab the darker colour onto your lips first, and because the colour is so strong and beaut - it does stain. once you have covered your lips in the darker colour, you then dab (with another finger) the lighter shade into the inner bit of your lip, creating a subtle ombre effect. if you like the slightly smudgy, rock star look, then use your fingers. personally, i like my lips to look a little more defined, so i used the real techniques lip brush to put the darker colour on, followed by using my finger for the lighter. it's super easy to do, and i don't think it would take a make up expert to create a cool look.... i did it!

the verdict...overall, i think the look is super cool. i love the shades, the two i picked were super pigmented and came out really strong. i also think they'd stay on, especially if you used a primer beforehand. the ombre effect is a little messy, but with a brush can be created easily, and you have to admit it looks pretty cool. it's runway fresh, and that's good enough for me. 

i would definitely recommend these sets, but perhaps get a brush before you get messy!

until next time xo 



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