Monday, 30 March 2015

the lazy girl's guide to exercise

please stop throwing up, this is just me straight back from the gym. i apologise for the lack of naked palate eyeshadow, bobbi brown eyeliner, and painstakingly applied foundation. i apologise for the lack of eyebrows or painted lips. for this is what i actually look like when i'm back from the gym. pale, sweaty, bad hair...but feeling a m a z i n g. because, do you know what?

this girl can.

i've always had a love/hate relationship with the gym. at school, i was not sporty at all. i used to wear massive pink dun lops to PE, and give piggyback rides to my friends round the field. i also used to be the queen of forging notes (sorry mum), so managed to get out of sports a lot. the teachers used to sigh and make me do their paper work.

this attitude continued into uni, as i used to feel a weird achievement at being the only one not at the gym. i used to kind of roll of my eyes when people would come back from the gym, as i was just emerging from my pit eating chicken dippers. sport was never my bag.

until i graduated...

i started feeling super sleepy all the time, and noticing that my waist wasn't what it used to be. i felt bored, that i wasn't achieving anything. that i was wasting my hours after work just sat around scrolling through i decided to join my local gym. i started slow, just on the cross trainer, but then got more confident, trying out mat exercises, the tread mill, even weights. i started going to classes, and i bought proper gym gear, and started taking an interest in - gulp - protein. yes, the very thing i sneered at when my house mates had it. I must admit, I still can't stomach a protein shakes, but I can eat a few protein pancakes or bars every now and again. I especially like the ones from Exante, they have HOT CROSS BUN flavoured protein bars. I mean, what else could you want?

i thought there MUST be some others out there like me. a few little tips for lazy girls who may be reading this WANTING to go to the gym, or start exercising, but haven't found the courage...or the motivation.

-find an exercising buddy. this helps motivate you to actually GO, and if there's two of you there's a bit of healthy competition... and you get to see your friends a lot more.

-try a class. i started going to a LBT class in my town once a week, and i love it. it's full of women who are 50+ but kick my butt when it comes to fitness, and the soundtrack is cheesy.

-start small. do NOT walk into the gym on your first time thinking you can lift 50kg of weight, or run for half an hour. start with little goals, like doing 10 leg presses, or running for 10 minutes. you'll notice a lot of difference quicker!

-take advantage of your gym. if your gym offers free PT sessions, take them. if they offer free classes, get out of bed and go. you'll feel so good after them, and it's always good to get advice from people who actually know what they're talking about.

YOUTUBE. if you don't feel brave enough to join the gym, or can't part with the pennies, then youtube is a pretty good free gym. i literally SWEAR by blogilates, she is AMAZING. such easy little exercises, and the videos are short and sweet. if you just do 3 a day, you've done a pretty hardcore workout. for free, in your living room. sorted.

-don't feel intimidated. this is easier said than done. i am still a little wary of doing mat stuff when the amazingly tanned, fit girl next to me is jumping about doing burpees. but i take a breath, and carry on. all the people in the gym are NOT concerned with what you're doing, trust me. they're there to do their bizzniss, not worry about your squats.

i hope this has been sort of helpful, or insightful. i'll let you know how i'm doing, hopefully soon i'll have rock hard abs and a booty to make kim k jealous...or, i'll be slightly less podgy with a bit more stamina when running to the chip shop. who knows. let's see together.

until next time xo


  1. Great tips! I'm such a lazy bum - I start trying exercise a few times a week but then slowly forget haha xx

  2. Great post, I know exactly what you mean about feeling a weird sense of pride going to the gym! I've embarked on couch to 5k to avoid shelling out for a gym and I definitely agree that it's all about starting small and attainable - it's so much more motivating seeing improvement each time than just always failing to meet crazy goals!


  3. Love this post! I was thinking of doing one about lazy and budget fitness. Some gyms are so expensive so I definitely think YouTube is great advice :) Inspired me to go write the post!! <3

  4. You look incredible after the gym, lady! You clearly don't need a face full of make up to look good!

    I've started to notice the graduate slump (sitting at a desk all day does take its toll!) as well, and I have to admit I bought my first sports bra earlier this week... Watch this space.


  5. Love these tips! I tend to do tons of yoga and pilates from youtube videos :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

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