Sunday, 15 March 2015

real techniques bold metal collection

every make up artist i've asked has recommended real techniques over their brand. i've had mac artists tell me that i don't need mac brushes, just go to boots and get real techniques. if the professionals swear by it, they must be good. when real techniques bought out their bold metal collection, a line of premium brushes, i was intrigued. i've been lucky enough to get my hands on a few, here are my thoughts ladies and gentleman (if you're reading...):

triangle foundation brush 101: the new foundation brush is the first brush i reviewed, and i am fully converted. i use the real techniques expert face brush, so i was sceptical as to whether i needed another brush. well folks, turns out i do. this brush is triangle shaped, and the flat base allows you to get amazing coverage, but the tip of the triangle allows you to get into the awkward areas around the eyes and the nose. matched with the SOFEST BRISTLES ever, this is definitely my favourite new brush,

tapered blush brush: again, i already use a real techniques blush brush, so was expecting big things. i wasn't as impressed as the foundation brush, i didn't feel it did anything spectacular or made a massive difference. it's really soft and the the tapered shape allows you to contour the blush perfectly. like it, but not a necessity. 

angled liner brush 202: IM SORRY GUYS BUT I DO ALREADY USE ANOTHER BRUSH FOR MY EYELINER, again from real techniques. i am such a fan girl. i am usually the biggest advocate for my silicone liner brush, but this has stolen my heart well and truly. the angle of the brush allows you to do your liner in one easy swoop, and is also perfect for those feline flicks that we all love so much. was super easy to apply, meaning i can apply perfect eyeliner in a rush. head over heels with this one!

all in all, i was impressed. i do think that they are expensive, but they're good for a treat or a birthday pressie :) i absolutely recommend the foundation brush and the liner, they are game changers bro.

until next time xo


  1. I have been really debating whether to get some brushes from this collection! They look amazing but the price really puts me off. Thanks for sharing your views though! I am so tempted to purchase them xx
    Lauren |

    1. i really recommend the foundation brush and the eyeliner :) you don't have to get the blush one, i actually preferred the cheaper blush brush from real techniques :) always good if you fancy treating yourself, and if there's a 3 for 2 offer...

  2. Ooh I have the new gold foundation brush, I didn't use a brush for foundation until this purchase and now I would never go without! Love it!


  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! This post is really interesting! Great job!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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