Sunday, 1 February 2015

kylie jenner lips

ah miss kylie jenner, what have you started? since her plump pout started springing up all over our instagram feeds, we've all become slightly obsessed with creating the same look. there has been a lot of speculation as to whether kylie has had surgical enhancements, and this may be true, but damn is she good with lip liner. i bought into the craze, and bought one of the combinations that she uses - mac lip liner in soar, and mac lipstick in velvet teddy.

so here is the results! the first photo is without any lippy, and then the final is with. i think what you gotta remember here is that i have a mighty big bottom lip in the first place, so i don't think it would make much of a change there anyway...

ANYWAY. i absolutely love the combination of the two products, the slightly darker lip liner allows you to deceptively draw on your lips and create a plumper pout. the lipstick is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for everyday wear and such a lovely neutral shade. the two together are a match made in heaven. i don't usually wear neutral colours, opting more for reds/dark purples if i'm going to wear lipstick, but i have definitely been converted. 

the best way to apply this is to have completely soft lips prior to application, i recommend using a lip scrub from lush to scrub away pesky dead skin. then, outline your lips lightly in the lip liner, not going too crazy. then, apply your velvet teddy. once your lips are looking lovely and coloured, reapply some of the lip liner, going over your natural lip shape to make you look like ms. jenner herself. then smack those lips together and take a selfie, coz girl you look fab.

i also am starting to believe kylie does genuinely just draw her lips on, because the combo definitely did make me feel a little poutier. so if she's having that applied professional everyday, the possibilities are endless.

until next time xo


  1. You are stunning! Great post :}

  2. Kylie Jenner is a make up wizard! You look gorgeous in these photographs - the Velvet Teddy shade really suits you!


  3. the nude lip really suits you!

    from helen at


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