Sunday, 22 February 2015

going out-out make up

so i hope you all know what i mean what i say 'going OUT out' make up. the face you paint when you're going out on the town in a skirt and crop top, and intend to spend the night singing along to the top 40...well, that's my nights out anyway. i thought i'd give y'all a glimpse into my classic going out make up look, and trust me, if i can do it - you can!

eyes: i always start with the eyes, ever since i had a mac make over and saw that's what they did (copy the professionals...) to create this smokey eye look, i used naked 3 palate from urban decay, bobbi brown black gel eyeliner, gesso eyeshadow from mac and roller lash mascara from benefit. firstly, using the brush that came with the palate, i covered my lid in the gesso colour from mac, and then using the other side of the brush, tapped in dark side in naked 3, into the corner of the eye, creating a wing. i then used the real techniques blending eye brush to blend it all in. then, using the real techniques silicone brush, created a feline flick with the amazing bobbi brown eyeliner. then, with a quick slick of the mascara, i'm ready to flutter my lashes!

face: this is pretty simple i will admit, i am pretty boring with this. i simply use the real techniques expert face brush to cover my face in bourjois healthy mix foundation. i have only been using a make up brush for about 3 months (don't shoot me...) and it's DEFINITELY the way forward. i then set this with mac studio fix powder, which is my life life. i then use a, you guessed it, real techniques bronzing brush, and suck in my cheeks to apply the rihanna for mac bronzer. i have to be really careful with this as i can look a little orange, as i am super pale :( i then use the mua undress your skin highlighter to just perk up my cheeks and give the illusion of cheek bones. magic.

lips: my bottom lip is pretty large, and sometimes lipstick can be a bit annoying as you can see my gum.... i know, attractive. but with the mua red lipliner and mac ruby woo lipstick this is all forgotten! i tend to put the lipstick on first, and anyone who owns ruby woo will agree this is a bit of a task as it is SO matte you literally have to push it on. but when it's on, it's on. that sucker is not going to rub off. perfect for a night out!

hope you enjoyed :) i'm no tanya burr, but i like to think i'm getting better :)
until next time xo 


  1. You're gorgeous! This is such a pretty, classic look.


    p.s. you have such gorgeous skin - you totally get away with keeping it simple with base make up!

  2. I love how you did your make up! Stunning, a great balance! Rubby Woo really goes with your skin tone.. I didn't go with mine =(


  3. I love this - you look beautiful. I am inlove with Naked 3 and Rollerlash aswell!
    Estelle x - Let Me Go Xo


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