Friday, 6 February 2015

comb - the app of dreams

i'm not a heavy technology girl. i don't really have that many apps on my phone, just the basics. i didn't even get that into angry birds. so imagine my surprise when i found an app that i actively sought out, and downloaded. comb is the new fashion app of dreams, and you'll want to know about it. perfect for fashion week when you're stalking peoples outfits...

it's basically a way of sifting through all the rubbish you find online, for that one special thing. if you see a dress on taylor swift you fall in love with, you can find it. if katy perry is wearing a pattern that catches your eye, you can find a dress/top/skirt with the same or similar pattern. still with me? ok, i'll show you........

so ACTUAL first steps are you log in make an account blah blah blah. it's all FREE so you have no excuse. anyway...........SO for arguments sake, i chose this gorgeous skirt i got from primark. i love the pattern, and it's pretty unique, so i figured it would be a great example. the app is laid out a lot like instagram, so it's super easy to follow. you snap a photo of the pattern....

once you've taken a photo (not as blurry as mine, i hope...) you zoom in on the pattern that you want to try and find in another garment.

once you've clicked next on step three, the app combs (see????) through the millions of clothes online to find one with the same pattern as the one you desire. it takes about 1 minute to do this, which is super clever, then, once you've waited, it comes up with lots and lots of options for you! they can range from designer to high street, which is great to show the variation. now, you can't be shouted at for buying the same thing over and over again, because it is basically different right...?

i actually super love this app, i was really surprised at how well it worked. this pattern i chose was quite obscure, and it came up with a really pretty dress in the exact same pattern for only £21!!! you can then go on and buy it, or save it in your account. this is a great idea, and allows you to kind of build an 'i wish wardrobe' as well. it lets you have a bunch of clothes that no one else has either, as let's face it, what are the chances of someone picking EXACTLY the same pattern and then the EXACT same product, when there's so much choice???

the app is free + on iTunes/android now! until next time xo


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