Saturday, 3 January 2015

princess pad

so, after what seems a lifetime, i am FINALLY back in my house!!! at the moment it is still in development mode, decoration needs to be done etc etc but it's most definitely liveable and finally feel like home again :) i thought i'd do a quick post showing you my new princess pad of a bedroom. obviously it needs decorating, new floor etc, but i absolutely love it!

my favourite part of my new room is all my amazing new furniture which, i hope you agree, beyond beautiful. it was very kindly donated by a family friend, and it's the kind of stuff i could only dream of having, so i feel very lucky to have it for my own. i love my gorgeous new bed, especially with my fairy lights, it was very cheap from b&m which has amazing home stuff you should check out!

my dressing table and mirror is my pride and joy. i've never had one before and it's an absolute dream. i DO have candles around it, but i'm not realllyyyy allowed them granted we had a fire, so these were blown out after the photo was taken (ok mum and dad??!). 

to make it feel a little more like home, the wonderful people at squaresnaps sent me some polaroid photos of me and my friends. i debated how to hang it, but in the end i found an amazing frame and popped them all in there with some pretty stickers :) it's lovely to have some of my favourite photos hanging already.

i hope you enjoyed my room tour. i will document all the decorating as it comes! stay tuned. until next time xo



  1. Gorgeous room :) So happy to see you back in your house after the fire! xx

  2. Your room looks so lovely already, bet your so pleased you finally back home and can start making it your own again!
    So happy for you and your family x

    Frankie Boo Blog

  3. I love the chester drawers! Gorgeous room xx

  4. Your bedroom is so gorgeous! I love all of the furniture - that dressing table is a dream! And the polaroids inside the frame is such a pretty way to display your favourite photographs.


  5. Ohh you have such a beautiful bedroom~ ^ ^
    I have been designing mine to be a princess pad too! ^ - ^


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