Tuesday, 13 January 2015

interview with nikita karizma - fashion designer

so, here is the first of an exciting new series of posts for fashionfumblings! i will be posting interviews every week with a fashion professional, whether that's a designer...a PR expert...a social media guru...a stylist... anyone whose career is inspiring and interesting for you lovely readers!

first up, i've interviewed the amazing Nikita Karizma, an upcoming fashion designer who has already carved herself an incredible career. Nikita has worked with l'oreal, colour catcher, the hard rock cafe, little mix, amelia lily, and also had work featured in fashion bibles such as dazed&confused, dazed digital, gloss magazine, elle magazine...so let's just say, this lady is a force to be reckoned with + a pretty big deal. i was lucky enough to chat to Nikita about her career so far, hope you enjoy!

What made you choose fashion as a career?
My family work in the fashion industry so I was brought up working in the creative environment.  

How did university shape you as a young designer?
I studied at London College of Fashion. It was a brilliant university.  The tutors, facilities and creative friends I've made have really impacted the start of my career

Did you intern? How did you find it?
Yes, I interned in menswear design for F&F.  It was an insightful experience into the corporate side of fashion.  Focussing on clothes to sell to a mass market taught me the importance of commercial design. 

What was the pivotal moment that got you noticed?
When Little Mix and Amelia Lily wore my graduate collection on the X Factor finals. 

What inspires your collections?
London and popular culture mostly.  I love immersing myself into documentaries and subject matter outside of fashion, learning about the world and being curious which sparks off ideas easily.  

How was it working with the X Factor?
After I graduated from LCF in 2011, the X Factor gave me my first paid commission so it is the reason I had the funds to launch a business without any other start up investment.  I am based nearby their studios so it was a brilliant experience working with their team in my first steps out of university. 

How does it differ working on set (for press) and working on live TV?
Music artists often have quick changes on tour and are performing with a lot of movement so their clothes need to be durable with quick changing fastenings.  Photoshoots are all about the perfect shot so for my campaigns I am very involved with hair, make up, lighting and the full production.  

Is there a particular project that sticks out for you as your proudest moment?
I loved seeing Poppy Delevingne and Chloe Norgaard in my clothes! I have been quite lucky to have worked very talented individuals so it is hard to pick out a moment. 

Have you ever been truly star struck when working with celebrities?
No.  If I got star struck around celebrities I wouldn't be able to do my job very well.  I recently worked with Will I Am who is very cool and inspiring in person.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to become a designer?
Work experience!  Universities teach you skills but it's the work experience that you need to under the industry.  Intern every holiday, the industry is very competitive whether you chose employment or starting a business so soak up as much experience as you can whilst you are a student.

What is fashion to you?
Wearable art.

And lastly, what trends should we look out for this season?
Individuality.  Look to small brands and designers to make your wardrobe more unique.

hope you've enjoyed! you can see more of Nikita's work on www.nikitakarizma.com or tweet @NIKITA_KARIZMA :)

until next time...i'll be interviewing the global social media manager for asos! xo


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