Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Things You Shouldn't Feel Bad For Enjoying

Like this Christmas jumper, life is full of guilty pleasures. But why are we made to feel bad for enjoying these things? I hereby will never apology for the following again:

   1- Drinking full fat coke. It seems to be an awkward secret when you open a can of that sweet sweet nectar, full of gorgeous sugar and yummy caffeine to brighten up your 2pm droop. I will gulp my full fat coke with pride.

      2- Knowing everything there is about the Kardashians. So what if I know when Kourtney gave birth, the age orders of all the children (including the Jenner boys. Oh yes, I’m a fan), and vocalise on a daily basis how upset I still am about Khloe and Lamar. They are TV Royalty.

      3-  Getting most of my daily knowledge from The Daily Mail & Buzzfeed. I work in PR, I read papers every single day, I know what’s going on in the world. Leave me be if I want to know what Helen Flanagan wore to a D-List party, or for totally agreeing with ’21 Things only Harry Potter Fans Understand.’

      4- Loving One Direction. I tried. I really did try to distance myself. But their catchy tunes and polished good looks have enticed me in. I will no longer try and be quiet when humming along to ‘Steal My Girl’, and pretend that it would be ‘totally lame’ to see them in concert…when in actuality, I did check for tickets the other day. Sold out. Sob.

5-  Following on from this, I wholeheartedly admit that I fancy Harry Styles. Not even sorry.

   6-    Not getting the house music trend. I just don’t get it guys. I like to go to a club, dance and sing. I don’t like standing there for 5 hours nodding my head to beeps and repetitive beats. Call me old, but stick on something else would ya DJ?

     7-  At 21 years old, still totally buying into the Disney trend. Topshop doing Disney pants and pyjamas? Take my money, nostalgia sells folks.

       8-   Loving the occasional selfie. Whilst the word sends a slight shiver up my spine, I can no longer pretend I don’t love a good selfie. Not that I love myself, but lord above do I love #demfliterz.

      9-   Not knowing 100% when I will move out. I’m asked on a daily basis by friends/family when I think I’ll move out. On paper, it all adds up – good job, stable income…so surely I should pack my bags and go? Not so fast fellas. 21 isn’t what it used to be. I’m more of a child than I was at 11, when I probably could have moved out and got a mortgage (I was very independent). Sorry Mum & Dad, I’m here for a bit longer.

   10-  And finally, and definitely most importantly, there will never be an apology from me about knowing all the words to S Club 7, Steps & The Spice Girls hits. Coz karaoke audiences everywhere will thank me when I get the party started. 



  1. Do the things WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY as nothing else seems to be more important than do things WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY;)

    And by the way Diet Coke isn't healthier option - as sweetener (except agave/stevia/fruit sugar) like: aspartame makes your skin looking unhealthy and can put some weight as well!

    And NOTHING tastes BETTER than the classic coke!;)

    Have a great XMAS hun'!;)

    NIKA B.

    1. Exactly, so you might as well enjoy the normal coke right? ;)
      All these things make me happy so I will continue! :)

  2. I don't drink Coke but...I don't know when I'm moving out either. I don't get house (take me to Popworld, any day) and I'm not ashamed that I have two Spice Girls albums stashed in my car - ready for a singalong. Great post x


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