Wednesday, 10 December 2014

favourite things: december

(fake bake mousse / new look boots / the missing / selfie stick / mac / eye of horus / dressing gown)

So whilst the weather is dark and windy, outfit posts are pretty much impossibility at the moment. I also don’t really have the means still to provide some smashing outfits as space is scarce, yes, I am STILL not in my house. That is definitely not one of my favourite things. Anyway, here are a few things that are on my favourites list this festive month:

1 – Fake Bake 5 Minute Mousse
I am definitely a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to Fake Tan. I was eternally pale throughout my teenage years, whilst my peers glowed (albeit a bit orange) beside me. But now, I firmly understand why it’s so popular. I feel like a tan really does transform an outfit, and makes me feel a little bit better. This 5 minute mousse from Fake Bake is perfect for me, absolutely no fuss and a gorgeous natural glow in minutes. This is good for me because I like to just get up and go. I will do a proper little post featuring my BEAMING tan soon, but I definitely recommend this.

2 – New Look Boots
These bad boys mean business. I bought these for a night out and I adore them. They’re super comfy but make such a massive statement. I wish I could wear them all day, they just make me feel like the sassy biker chick I am deep down. My dad didn’t like them, and said I looked ridiculous, which in my eyes is a great sign. (Hi dad).

3 – The Missing
This BBC programme is all I think about these days. Next week is the final episode, and my Tuesday’s just won’t be the same. It is centred around James Nesbitt’s character and his wife trying to find their son that went missing years before, very McCann-esque. I quite literally can’t tell you how it’s going to end. I’m starting to suspect everyone, it’s just so tense. Catch up on iPlayer for sure.

4 – Selfie stick
Please don’t hate me. I was as cynical as you when this first came out. I felt it was beneath me, as I clearly am the epitome of cool. When I went to Budapest, I sneered at my friend who said we should have got one. But then, I saw millions of them, everywhere I went, and realised they are the coolest things ever and I definitely definitely need one. I just need to find some friends to fit in the selfies with first…

5 – Mac Heirloom Collection
I don’t usually buy into the limited edition collections, whilst I think the ideas are cool I effectively think it’s the same product, and anyway who would wear blue/yellow eyeshadow (Mac The Simpsons collection). But I have been suckered into the heirloom collection good and proper. The new packaging is beyond beautiful, very Romantic-period inspired, and I just love the sparkles. I’ve asked for a smokey eye kit for Christmas, and have it on good authority that Santa has delivered, so watch this space!

6 – Eye of Horus eye pencils
I usually just stick to black eyeliner, and to an eyeshadow palette when it comes to doing anything fancy. But when I was sent a gold eyeshadow pencil from brand Eye of Horus, I had to try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation, it was a strong colour but not overwhelming, and had a real festive vibe about it. I think it’s look amazing to use in the corner of your eyes, and just to make your eyes sparkle. It comes in loads of different colours, and I recommend everyone to try it out J

7 – Dressing Gown
Not as glamorous as a fashion blog promises, but this time of year calls for comfort. My new dressing gown is literally the comfiest thing in the entire world and I wish I could wear it everywhere. It’s so soft and snuggly, and I love the pale pink colour. Pyjamas are the new skinny jeans people.

What are your favourite things? Until next time xo

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  1. Can't believe I only just came across your blog! It's awesome!:)
    If you fancy reading my (completely non-beauty) blog, please check it out!
    But srsly, the fakebake mousse is so good - i think you'd love the Cocoa Brown mousse if you like the FakeBake! And dressing gowns are just *heart eyed emoji* xx


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