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2014, or, The Weirdest Year of My Life

a year in the life of me.

So, it’s the 1st of December, which means 2014 is drawing to a close. Needless to say, it’s been a weird year. And to be quite honest, I’m quite happy to see the back of it. I thought I’d do a little round up of my top moments, some good some bad, and think about what I learnt from them (even if it is that the most important thing to have is a fire alarm.)

Leaving university.
For the past 3 years I had been in a happy little bubble in University land, where eating noodles for dinner and having naps at 4pm was acceptable behaviour. A world where I could wander around the house all day in a onesie and if I fancied dying my hair pink, I could. Well my friends, all good things come to an end, and in July I officially graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a 2:1 degree in English with Linguistics. I do miss University, seeing my friends everyday, doing weird things that respectable human beings wouldn’t do (ie. Watching Netflix all day eating dominos and ignoring my dissertation), but it is very nice to be earning my own money. Nottingham will always be my place, my little haven away from responsibility, and I’ll always love it for that. You da best Nottingham.

Getting my first job…then quitting and getting another one.
The whole point of school, A-Levels, University, interning is to get a job. Let’s face it. It was my goal in third year to graduate with a job settled, as I knew if I didn’t I’d just want to bum around for ages and I DESPERATELY NEEDED to start earning money. Luckily for me, well actually down to lots of hard work and perseverance, I landed a job in PR & Social Media for a big footwear brand in London. I found this out on my 21st Birthday as I was in the business class lounge on my way to Paris, so I felt pretty jammy, and as if my life was now on track and I could just chill out.

Well, they do say that when you make plans, God laughs at you. I started the job in June, and after a while I realised it wasn’t for me. It actually came to a head in August after the fire etc (I’ll talk more about this in a mo) as I realised I just couldn’t afford the commute anymore, and I needed a challenge. It was amicable, but it interested me that a job I thought was perfect for me turned out not to be what I had in mind.

I’m now in my new position at a PR agency, and I couldn’t be happier. Making changes is scary but sometimes important for your own career progression, and it helps I work with one of my best friends everyday J yay for being a grown up (loose use of ‘adult’ as I still can’t cook anything and the thought of babies makes me want to run for the hills). 

The whole Fire thing.
If you read my post HERE, you’ll know that pretty soon after I started my first job my whole life changed in the space of a week. First, my beloved dog Ollie died, and secondly, my beloved house and ALL OF MY POSSESSIONS were burnt in a horrible house fire. I won’t go into again, as you can just read about it on my post, but it’s still not sorted. We are still not in the house, albeit that we will be next week hopefully, and the house won’t be fully restored for at least a year. I seriously look at my life this year in two parts, pre-fire and post-fire, as you just can’t comprehend how different the first part of the year was to the last. Everything is different, all my clothes are new, and my whole house will be completely different. It’s nearly the end now, and all I want is to move back into my house and just pretend the fire never happened. 

Realising that I worry too much
I think that the fire, and then a few other things that happened in the months after (which I won’t go into detail about, but let’s just say pretty much everything you could think to go wrong did, made me start to worry a lot. My friends and my bf say I worry about everything, always planning and stuff, and it’s really annoying. It’s such a pain to worry about stuff, and I do it without realising, planning out loud about things that I don’t need to. So my New Year’s Resolution is to worry less. I’m already worrying about it.

The nice little things…
I also did a lot of nice things this year. Like turned 21 and went to Paris with Joe…had an amazing 21st birthday party at University which I’ll never forget…submitted my dissertation…went to Nice to see my best friend and went on a boat and saw the Monaco Grand Prix…got a Macbook air…got a car…went to Budapest…realised how good my friends and family are…oh, and I realised brown hair doesn’t suit me, I’m a blonde chick.

So 2014, can’t say you’ve been my favourite year, but you’ve certainly not been boring. See ya never, please introduce me to your friend 2015. 

Until next time xo

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  1. This year may had its ups and downs but I think that you should only keep the good parts! I understand that your after fire life is more difficult and unpleasant since it's a really bad thing if you lose all your belongings to the fire but you did so much! You visited other countries,got your degree, got a car, realised the importance of your family and firends plus you even dyed your hair blonde! It was a full year for you and you should try to overcome everydifficutly that you faced and keep going! Have a nice day!
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