Thursday, 13 November 2014

We Need to Talk About Kim Kardashian

I realise that all society seems to do is keep up with Kim and her famous siblings, but after her recent attempt to #BreakTheInternet, I feel like there are a few thoughts that should be addressed. It’s quite literally been playing on my mind. Imagine. Kim’s oiled buttock just bobbing around my vulnerable little head. I needed an outlet for this. And hey, that’s why I have a blog.

My initial reaction when I scrolled down my newsfeed and saw THE picture was, ‘Oh Kim. What are you like.’ In all honesty, I wasn’t THAT surprised. Ms. Kardashian-West has graced the pages of Playboy, posed provocatively on the front of GQ, and let’s not forget her, er, entrance shall we say into the public eye in the form of her sex tape. This is not a woman who is shy about her body, so I am less than surprised to once again see the body of Kim K on the front of a magazine.

I prepare you here, as some of my musings are in defence of Kim K. Do not begin trolling, as I will probably cry and delete my blog. The response to this photo was hysterical. People retweeting/regramming the photo en masse, articles being written about it, front page news everywhere. I couldn’t quite believe people were so shocked. Kim K has never been a retiring type, and due to the fact she has no acting/singing talent, her body has become a main vocal point (as well as her fashion/husband/baby/life/business ventures). And, in my opinion, she has become a fantastic role model for young girls (WAIT FOR IT) in the sense that she has a feminine figure. She is not stick thin, she has curves, and #datass. I feel she has changed the face of the ‘ideal body’ to one with a waist and a big behind, the opposite of heroin chic of the Nineties. And whilst I believe there is no such thing as a normal body, it is refreshing to see a woman so proud of her body. 

Yes. I am aware Photoshop has played such a massive part in the photo. And yes, I didn’t really like seeing a fully naked Kardashian as I had my morning banana. But the photo itself is a woman who is proud of her body, and is almost a middle finger up to ‘the haters’. It’s almost poking fun at the fact that she started this career vulnerable and naked, and she’s made a fortune from it, laying her life bare for the public to see. So she’s standing up, in all her glory, at the absolute peak of her astronomical career, and saying she’s still here. Still naked. And still getting you talking.

I do not condone all of her ventures, and whilst I am a huge watcher of her show (SUE ME IT’S ADDICTIVE), I did not feel it was fair for disgruntled tweeters to say ‘IT’S DISGUSTING. SHE’S A MOTHER’. She is also a fashion icon, a sex symbol, and a woman. She is allowed to feel good, despite the fact she has a child. If anything it’s a ‘I’ve still got it’ message. If Beyonce can roll around in the ‘Partition’ video, and still be a doting mother, why can’t Kim drape herself in pearls and do what she does best – pose for photos?  Whilst the women are polar opposites in regards to careers, they are both mothers, and considered attractive in the media – why is it one rule for one, and another for others? The woman must work DAMN HARD even without the photoshop to maintain that body, so why not? it is a shame people have felt the need to 'slut-shame' Kim due to this photo. Its purpose is to showcase pride over her femininity, which should not be a basis of hatred or disgust. 

Ms. K-W represents a lot of things that are wrong with society, such as excess and the reality TV generation. I fully appreciate the photo isn’t to everyone’s taste, heck, I’m not even sure I like it. But it’s not right to actively source down leaked private nudes of celebrities, and then be appalled when a woman publically says ‘Here I am’. I feel that we should just roll our eyes and move on, as let’s face it, the photo did what it said. It #BroketheInternet. 

Kim is the Queen of the Hashtag generation, whether we like it or not, and we must bow to the undisputed Ruler of Social Media as she once again conquered her online world. #no filter

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  1. I'm SO glad you posted this! I have exactly the same attitude towards it - especially the double standards for Beyoncé & Kim. Beyoncé made the videos to show women they can work hard and be proud of their bodies even after childbirth and I think Kim is proving this as well. You can't compare the two of them as they're different people but there's no need for the abuse Kim's receiving whilst Beyoncé is getting praised. Although I love both Beyoncé and Kim, they both work hard and are good mothers; that doesn't mean they can't carry on their careers as before.
    Amazing post hun! xo


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