Tuesday, 25 November 2014

thankful tuesday

i'm actually writing this on a monday night, because i feel the need to be positive and thankful. i have a pretty rough week ahead, as i have a family members funeral (srsly bad few months guys),  and i'm starting to really get frustrated at the fact i'm not back in my house yet. christmas is so soon and i just feel weird not being in my house. BUT i do have a lot of things to be thankful for, so this will cheer me up.

not being ill... sounds corny, but the start of the band aid 30 video of the woman with ebola is truly heartbreaking, and i feel very lucky to have my health + have never suffered anything worse than tonsillitis. 

christmas...christmas is very soon, and i can't help but feel festive and twinkly when i hear the songs and see the lights. i can't wait for christmas back in my house, WHICH IS DEFINITELY GOING TO HAPPEN. if it doesn't then christmas will be postponed. but let's not think about that.

jumper weather...i adore winter weather. i love the cold and wrapping up warm, big boots and thick jumpers. although the other day i was literally head to toe black and looked a bit gothic... but i was darnnnnn cosy.

passing my theory test... i am 21 years old, fyi. i did take my theory when i was 18 but it actually ran out, embarrassingly. so i pottered along last week and passed! woohoo! which meant i was able to book my ACTUAL driving test!! this is a very big deal for me, as i felt i would become one of those people who just don't drive, but i am well on my way because..............

I GOT A CAR...yes, i was very very lucky because on sunday i got my first ever car. it was a bargain, and such good value. it's a cute little ford ka, and it's called flopsy felicia (because I'm cute and sassy). i absolutely love it and am very grateful to my parents for lending me the ca$$$$h. it's such an extra incentive to learn, and when i pass (which i will) in january, i will zooming around in this all day (well, as much as petrol will allow me).

i actually feel a lot better now :) always good to make a nice list when you're feeling a bit down. until next time xo

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