Tuesday, 4 November 2014

thankful tuesday

another tuesday has arrived before our very eyes, which means it's PRACTICALLY friday...doesn't it? i have a whole tonne of things to be thankful for this week, so hold on to your hats, whether they be literal or metaphorical. 

this week i am thankful for...

halloween....halloween is one of my FAVOURITE times of the year. i travelled back to my student heaven of nottingham to celebrate with my friends this year, and as you can see above, i was suitably scary. i usually like to think of something creative to go as, but i've been a busy bee and have no funds, so i just went for the psycho ex-girlfriend look. nailed it. 

new job...i started my new job on monday and already i can tell it's going to be fab :) the team have all been so welcoming, taking me out to lunch and providing a box of shortbread for me on my first day (my favourite snack). little things to make you feel welcome when you're nervous is just what you need to feel at ease, and i'm excited to start all my new responsibilities. 

public transport being nice...i'm relying on the x5 coach this week to get me to work, and so far it's been an absolute dream. don't stop now, stagecoach.

christopher from educating the east end....bit strange but i've just watched the final episode and it's so so lovely to see such a positive young man. a favourite quote was 'i just realised something, the more scared you are of something, the more exciting the situation can be'. seriously feel good, so have a watch if you feel like a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling :)

american horror story: coven...i only started this series on sunday but OHMYGOSH IT'S INCREDIBLE. i loved the first series of AHS but didn't really connect with the 2nd one, but this series is absolutely storming it so far. love a bit of gore and jessica lange. 

i'm off to budapest this weekend with my best friend for a little break, so expect a little post about that :) hopefully i will get a new camera soon and can take some pics! until next time xo

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