Sunday, 16 November 2014

budapest: an amateur's guide

i apologise for this post being so pic heavy, and all the photos being different sizes. i'm not clever enough to edit all that, and frankly cannot be bothered. there's a reason that george ezra sung about budapest, it really is a hidden treasure chest of fun. myself and my bezzie went for 4 days on a spontaneous adventure of the Hungarian capital, and i thought i'd tell you all the best bits :)

first off, it's super cheap to get there. it was £60 each return flight via ryanair, and then we got an amazing little apartment on airbnb for £62 each for 4 nights - which is pretty amazing. our apartment was on a central street called vaci street, which had loads of amazing restaurants and bars, so for the price we were amazed. i really recommend airbnb, to provide cute little rooms/apartments with a quirky twist. 

there's a tonne of amazing things to do in the beautiful city, and 3 days is a perfect amount of time to get them all done. i really recommend buying a ticket on the big bus tours, which are the big brown and gold buses you normally see in london traffic. at first i laughed it off, but then we were offered a ticket worth 40 euros which got us a 3 day bus ticket all over Budapest, tickets to visit the Baths, and also seats on the River Cruise. you cannot deny such a bargain, so we caved in. the bus tours provide a commentary of all the best bits, and you can hop on and off whenever you like, so you can visit the big tourist spots yourself. the commentary provided some really interesting facts, and you can't beat sitting at the top of an open air bus.

the castle is a real highlight, offering absolutely amazing panoramic views of the city. it's amazing to see at such a height. i also really recommend the river cruise, and if you can, take it at around 5pm when it's getting dark. not only do you get cocktails on board (we definitely took advantage of that!) but you get to see the city illuminated. the chain bridge and the houses of parliament look amazing lit up in the evening, providing a breathtaking backdrop for any photos! 

budapest is really famous for its thermal baths, and these are definitely the main attraction. we visited the largest baths, the szechenyi baths, but there are quite a few others darted around. it's a huge amazing yellow building, with a lot of amazing facilities such as sauna, massages, lengths, water aerobics. the baths outside are so warm, except you have to run in during the colder months! the baths inside go up to temperatures of 40degrees, which are amazing just to lounge around in. again, it looks amazing lit up!

last but not least, are the iconic ruin bars. from the outside, these buildings just look completely unassuming, but it's a different story when you go inside. they're amazing, hip, quirky, weird, and random bars, with graffiti all over the walls, weird things everywhere (my little ponys etc),'s like a maze, with rooms everywhere. with ridiculously low drink prices, you could easily spend an entire evening here, soaking up the amazing atmosphere. 

budapest was beyond gorgeous, and there was a million other things i could write about, but why don't you find out yourself? until next time xo

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  1. I am dying to pay this little gem a visit!!!!! I saw some offers on groupon quite recently so I may have to invest. xxxxxxx


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