Tuesday, 21 October 2014

thankful tuesday

i feel that sometimes life can get in the way of things. this is certainly the case with this blog. i have had a very busy/traumatic few months, but i've powered on with my day to day life, seeing friends and trying to have fun. but i felt like i've let slip something that i created myself and something i was always so proud and excited about. so i pledge that i will no longer let being tired or unmotivated stop me from blogging, even if no one cares anymore. i love the gorgeous Lisette Loves blog, who features 'Thankful Thursday' posts, and i feel that this is more than apt at the moment. it's a way of staying positive amongst crazy goings-on. so here goes...

I am Thankful for...

making plans.... i am notorious for making plans. i am pretty much incapable of 'going with the flow', which can irritate some people but that's just the way i am toots. making some exciting plans like going to visit joey in nottingham, seeing ed sheeran, halloween dress up ideas, going to budapest, visiting harry potter studios.....and before we know it, it will be christmas. little things like that keep me excited and always looking forward to something.

new starts....bit of an exciting one this one! i have been offered a position at a new PR Agency a little closer to home, as an Account / Social Media Executive. i'm super super excited about this change and ready to accept new responsibilities and be a legit working person. as well as this, we SHOULD (FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE PLEASE) be moving back into our house in a few weeks too! this is super exciting news as we have been here there and everywhere since the fire, and it will be amazing to finally have my room back rather than living out of suitcases and bags. 

friends...not the show, although i am pretty damn excited that it is coming to netflix soon! my friends have been pretty spectacular the past few months, so props to you all you fine human beings you. 

udon noodles... after all, not everything has to be sentimental does it? 

i'm hoping to take this blog in a new direction. i want to still post outfit posts (once i get a new camera wah), but i want a mix up of lifestyle posts/general musings/good food/travel posts whipped up there too. i want this to be my outlet for anything i want, not just fashion (although do expect that).

so, until next time xo.


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