Monday, 13 October 2014

oi...what's in your bag?

greetings loved ones. i'm trying to get back into the swing of things, despite still not having a house and a few other things going wrong. i want to try and keep this blog going, mainly because i've bought SO MUCH NEW STUFF it's a good way of excusing the money i've spent. 

i got a fab new bag the other day, so i thought i would finally do a 'what's in my bag post', before it goes all gross and full of receipts and foundation marks. you know what i'm talking about ladies. the bag itself is from new look, and i love the size and how convenient it is for carrying all your crap around in. new look are fab for bags and accessories, at really cheap prices as well. 

1 // The Boring Stuff.
so the first pic includes the boring stuff. most girls carry their purse everywhere they go, and i still love my bright pink ted baker purse that i got for my 20th birthday. it's pretty big, so has more than enough room for all my cards etc. i also love how bright it is. the other boring stuff is a bright pink comb (mainly so i can see the damn thing) and my oyster card, which i have a love/hate relationship with - mainly as it just seems to eat away my money. 

2 // The Edgy Stuff.
I say edgy, it's really not. I've started carrying my beloved Boy London beanie with me in case I get stuck in the rain without an umbrella. it's the most snug beanie in the world, and even though Boy London is 'old' (or whatever), i still love it - and will never throw it away due to the price of the thing...i also take my beats headphones EVERYWHERE i go, they're the best headphones evereverever, noise cancelling and super comfy. ace.

3 // The Foodie Stuff.
i didn't want to lie and take these out, as let's face it we are all human. i will hold my hands up and say yes, i do have a pack of smokey bacon crisps in my bag. not all times, but most times. best flavour. also, a pack of mints...because bacon crisps are smelly. moving on...

4 // The Beauty Stuff.
so, by the end of the day i look in the mirror and my face tends to look haggard and panda-eyed. so carrying make up is a must. i carry my real techniques expert face brush and eco powder brush with me, to help top up my rimmel foundation and mac studio fix powder. these are all you need for a flawless base, with a little bit of help from rimmel's concealer. i also ADORE aussie's dry shampoo, such a gorgeous smell and helpful for giving your hair a little oomph when you need it. i also take hand cream EVERYWHERE because i have an irrational fear of dry hands and the feeling...*shivers*. i also bought this AMAZING PERFUME from New Look, called 'pure dusk'. it smells very similar to flowerbomb by viktor &rolf, but at just £7.99! go and snap one up, a perfect handbag perfume.

apologies for being so wordy but it's so much fun to w r i t e again!!! love ya. until next time xo

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