Monday, 27 October 2014

humble beginnings

(coat / scarf / jeans / boots / top)

sometimes comfort and simplicity is key. this is an outfit i've been taking to more often than not recently. i absolutely adore how easy it is, but how chic it looks. black ripped jeans and pointed boots scream RUSSELL BRAND at me, but i kind of love it. my slouchy white top from topshop is a god send, and i definitely need it in more colours. matched with my teddy bear coat from primark (bargain at £25) and the softest scarf known to man from new look - boom. the perfect winter outfit.

i apologise for the iPhone photos, my camera is currently not with me due to fire etc. you know the story. i'm just happy this blog has something fashion-esque on it again.

until next time xo

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Things Twenty-Somethings REALLY Shouldn't be Worrying About

Ah yes, another post about being in the dreaded ’20-something’ era. It seems to be an age that is garnering a lot of attention, as we all (according to the news) are just so ‘self-entitled and lazy’. Sure. I feel like there’s so much pressure on young women who are my age and older to be a thousand things at once and then think 5 years into the future, not allowing us to ever really enjoy what we’re actually doing. I thought I’d do an honest list of things that we really SHOULD NOT be worried about, hope it eases your mind.

1 – Marriage.

Yes, by my next birthday I will be the age my mum was when she married my dad. Yes, this worries me as I still get excited watching Frozen and remain certain there is no sadder moment than when Mufasa dies. We are not our parent’s generation, it is no longer a general thing to get married at 20/21. If this is what you want and is right for you, then fab, I would like to look at pictures of your dress. But if not, then just c h i l l   o u t. You don’t ACTUALLY have to get married at all, you can live in sin (joke) and just live with someone. I listen to some of my friends’ expectations, saying by 23 they will be married and at 25 have a baby, and it makes me laugh. You can’t plan things like this, it’s something that will just happen, and hopefully it’ll be the perfect moment without you even knowing. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, then just enjoy it for what it is, if you’re single, enjoy yourself man. You’re the best.

2 – Babies.

This goes hand in hand with the first point. This is the decade where MAYBE it might happen. But this is definitely not something to start getting in a tizz about. Just because it MIGHT happen in the next 10 years doesn’t mean you need to start worrying. Think about the 10 years between being 10 and 20, how much happened and how much you changed? Exactly. So no sweat. What will be, will be…

3 – ‘Having It All Figured Out’

This is my biggest pet peeve. Just because you’re TECHNICALLY an adult in the eyes of the law does not mean that you need to have everything sussed out. Only a few months ago I was writing essays about Postcolonialism, wrapped in a coat and gloves because my student house was so cold, asking if I could put tin foil in the microwave…and I am 21. So despite the fact I am legally allowed to do what I want, it doesn’t necessarily mean I can yet. And I don’t want to either, I’m still figuring everything out, which is quite fun as it goes. It’s fun messing up sometimes, realising what you shouldn’t do and thinking ‘Oh I’ve done that before and it didn’t work, let’s try this…’ It’s all about dem experiences, people. And no, apparently you can’t put tin foil in the microwave. Lesson learnt.

4 – Work Pressures.

My generation are facing a bit of a tough situation. There was once a world where you went to University, get your degree, and walk into a cosy little Grad scheme fresh out of university, jolly happy with yourself. Well that just is NOT the case in 2014. Employers expect an enriched CV full of internships here and there, amazing qualifications, blogs...oh and if you’ve managed to travel alongside all of this then you’re winning. But some people don’t have the time for all of this, or the money. So when you are finally ready for a job, you either can’t get one or you get an unpaid internship. Well people, let me tell you this, Kanye West was an intern not long ago for Fendi, so don’t feel too disheartened. Getting a job WILL HAPPEN. I promise. There’s a tonne out there for you clever clever people, it’s just about (sorry) the CV and Cover letter. Blurgh. But YOU WILL GET A JOB.

And when you DO get that job (well done!) do not worry about the future. You’re in your twenties, it’s all about finding out what you actually like to do. You may leave University dead set on becoming an Accountant for a major business in the city, and actually find out that you’d much prefer working for a Charity. That’s fine. You can chop and change, start again, and if you really get into a muddle, just take a break. It’s cool. Find what works for you. Don’t pressure yourself to work yourself into a hole, just do your best and you’ll be fine. You can do it.

5 – Money Money Money

So this is the biggest thing that I worry about. Money. Do I have any, where’s it gone, if I hadn’t have bought that £2 necklace from Claires Accessories when I was 10 would I be a multimillionaire now? The answer is: No. You’re not supposed to have a tonne of money at this age, unless you won the lottery/have savings/have rich parents. Now that I’m working I am better off than I was at Uni, where I thought I was rich if I was -470 (my Overdraft limit was -500). But even so, I still dip into that sweet sweet Overdraft by the end of the month, and that’s what it is there for. Santander still do an interest free OD for Graduates for 3 years after you leave Uni, so go and buy that pair of Heels, go out and buy all the shots – it’s a time to be selfish, it’s your money. As long as you pay anything you have outgoing, then it’s all cool. I am a material girl living in a material world, and it’s fine with me.

So I hope this kind of showed you everyone feels the same, and it’s fine to be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time (cheers T-Swift). Let’s do it together.

Until next time xo


thankful tuesday

i feel that sometimes life can get in the way of things. this is certainly the case with this blog. i have had a very busy/traumatic few months, but i've powered on with my day to day life, seeing friends and trying to have fun. but i felt like i've let slip something that i created myself and something i was always so proud and excited about. so i pledge that i will no longer let being tired or unmotivated stop me from blogging, even if no one cares anymore. i love the gorgeous Lisette Loves blog, who features 'Thankful Thursday' posts, and i feel that this is more than apt at the moment. it's a way of staying positive amongst crazy goings-on. so here goes...

I am Thankful for...

making plans.... i am notorious for making plans. i am pretty much incapable of 'going with the flow', which can irritate some people but that's just the way i am toots. making some exciting plans like going to visit joey in nottingham, seeing ed sheeran, halloween dress up ideas, going to budapest, visiting harry potter studios.....and before we know it, it will be christmas. little things like that keep me excited and always looking forward to something.

new starts....bit of an exciting one this one! i have been offered a position at a new PR Agency a little closer to home, as an Account / Social Media Executive. i'm super super excited about this change and ready to accept new responsibilities and be a legit working person. as well as this, we SHOULD (FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE PLEASE) be moving back into our house in a few weeks too! this is super exciting news as we have been here there and everywhere since the fire, and it will be amazing to finally have my room back rather than living out of suitcases and bags. 

friends...not the show, although i am pretty damn excited that it is coming to netflix soon! my friends have been pretty spectacular the past few months, so props to you all you fine human beings you. 

udon noodles... after all, not everything has to be sentimental does it? 

i'm hoping to take this blog in a new direction. i want to still post outfit posts (once i get a new camera wah), but i want a mix up of lifestyle posts/general musings/good food/travel posts whipped up there too. i want this to be my outlet for anything i want, not just fashion (although do expect that).

so, until next time xo.


Monday, 13 October 2014

oi...what's in your bag?

greetings loved ones. i'm trying to get back into the swing of things, despite still not having a house and a few other things going wrong. i want to try and keep this blog going, mainly because i've bought SO MUCH NEW STUFF it's a good way of excusing the money i've spent. 

i got a fab new bag the other day, so i thought i would finally do a 'what's in my bag post', before it goes all gross and full of receipts and foundation marks. you know what i'm talking about ladies. the bag itself is from new look, and i love the size and how convenient it is for carrying all your crap around in. new look are fab for bags and accessories, at really cheap prices as well. 

1 // The Boring Stuff.
so the first pic includes the boring stuff. most girls carry their purse everywhere they go, and i still love my bright pink ted baker purse that i got for my 20th birthday. it's pretty big, so has more than enough room for all my cards etc. i also love how bright it is. the other boring stuff is a bright pink comb (mainly so i can see the damn thing) and my oyster card, which i have a love/hate relationship with - mainly as it just seems to eat away my money. 

2 // The Edgy Stuff.
I say edgy, it's really not. I've started carrying my beloved Boy London beanie with me in case I get stuck in the rain without an umbrella. it's the most snug beanie in the world, and even though Boy London is 'old' (or whatever), i still love it - and will never throw it away due to the price of the thing...i also take my beats headphones EVERYWHERE i go, they're the best headphones evereverever, noise cancelling and super comfy. ace.

3 // The Foodie Stuff.
i didn't want to lie and take these out, as let's face it we are all human. i will hold my hands up and say yes, i do have a pack of smokey bacon crisps in my bag. not all times, but most times. best flavour. also, a pack of mints...because bacon crisps are smelly. moving on...

4 // The Beauty Stuff.
so, by the end of the day i look in the mirror and my face tends to look haggard and panda-eyed. so carrying make up is a must. i carry my real techniques expert face brush and eco powder brush with me, to help top up my rimmel foundation and mac studio fix powder. these are all you need for a flawless base, with a little bit of help from rimmel's concealer. i also ADORE aussie's dry shampoo, such a gorgeous smell and helpful for giving your hair a little oomph when you need it. i also take hand cream EVERYWHERE because i have an irrational fear of dry hands and the feeling...*shivers*. i also bought this AMAZING PERFUME from New Look, called 'pure dusk'. it smells very similar to flowerbomb by viktor &rolf, but at just £7.99! go and snap one up, a perfect handbag perfume.

apologies for being so wordy but it's so much fun to w r i t e again!!! love ya. until next time xo

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

aw14 outfit builder

(1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

so i totally promise that this blog is gonna be back up and running FROM HERE ON OUT. what fire??? exactly.

this is an outfit that i feel is PERFECT for the upcoming AW14 season. i don't know about you but i am BUZZING to wear boots, coats, and generally snuggle up again. pale legs just ain't my thing. 

the tshirt is beyond perfect. boyfriend fit tees with statements are definitely the way to go this season, they're very easy to chuck on and just feel stylish, especially with some layered necklaces. black skinny jeans are like beyonce..they don't need introducing. everyone needs a pair and i definitely recommend topshop jeans to EVERYONE. teamed with these amazing ash norton boots, and the spot on black gilet this outfit is excellent for everyday wear. i also included a lip liner that kylie jenner would be proud of, i've only recently started wearing it myself but it's CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER. it's amazing.

plzzz comment + stuff. i'm back now b*tches. until next time xo
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