Monday, 8 September 2014

so, i had a house fire.

(me looking SO SO FASHIONABLE in my cleaning outfit. very breaking bad) 

hey remember me? i don't blame you if you don't. i hardly remember doing outfit posts these days. i thought i'd post a little piece about what's been going on in the past few weeks, as it may be of interest to some people.

ok so first things first (IM THE REALEST) NO. BE SERIOUS. so, the first bad thing that happened was about 3 weeks ago on the Monday, my poor little doggy was put to sleep as he just wasn't very well. he was 11, so he had a good run, but still my whole family were mortified. que a lot of tears from us all, and avoiding marley & me like the PLAGUE. it was a tough few days adjusting to not having a dog. even the smallest things were weird, like walking down the steps as that's where he usually sat. anyone who has lost a dog will know that is like losing a family member, so will understand the heartache of not having that happy little critter there when you get home.

so, understandably, this was very upsetting. and i even muttered the famous words 'at least this week can't get any worse'. well. i would encourage you to NEVER EVER SAY THAT because sure enough, life will seize the opportunity to prove you wrong, and say 'hey louisa, things can get worse...look!' the cheeky devil.

on wednesday of the same week, (so remember we are all still down in the dumps about losing our dog), something really weird happened. i was woken up at midnight by some noises outside, and i was utterly convinced someone was breaking in due to the sound of breaking glass. in my sleepy bleary state, i reluctantly got out of bed and put on my glasses to see what was going on.

before i even opened my curtains something seemed weird, as it was all orange outside. and i thought 'eh? it's pitch black...what time is it? what is this witchcraft?' and opened my curtains to reveal what can only be described as HUGE HUGE HUGE FLAMES engulfing the side of my house, which is pretty much my bedroom as well.

well. as you can expect. i was pretty shocked. 

i don't remember specifics, but i vaguely remember running and waking my brother/mum/dad up and calling 999. we all ran out of the house to see huge huge flames in the trees, the whole side of our house in smoke, and it growing rapidly. it seemed like an absolute age before the firemen came (it was actually only 6 minutes), by which time the fire was getting a bit crazy, and had got into my bedroom, causing bits of the ceiling to fall down. which means that i am a very lucky girl to have woken up when i did, as i may have been, quite literally, toast.

after the fireman managed to get the fire under control, we were faced with the grim reality of what had actually happened. it was a total freak accident, a spark off a plug causing a fire. but it has left our house in quite a sorry state. there is no ceiling upstairs, all of the attic fell through, so when you go in any room upstairs you have a beautiful view of the sky (i would still prefer a roof.) our side building is completely gone, with everything in it burnt and ruined, which has been the most upsetting thing as the room held a lot of sentimental items such as pictures, old books, school things...all gone forever. 

each room is damp, and stinks of smoke. even though the fire didn't even reach some rooms, they've still be heavily affected. it's absolutely NUTS what fire can do. smoke and water damage is almost as bad as the fire itself, with each room either burnt/damp and wet/just a bit smelly. my room has been pretty bad as it was closest to the fire itself, with a lot of clothes/books/ALL MY MAKE UP gone just like that.

now, as a fashion blogger, it is pretty devastating to see a tonne of clothes and make up gone. but, as a human being, it is pretty amazing to say that this was the only casualty. i am fine, not a scratch on me, and my family are all fine as well. it could have been very very different if we had left 5 or 10 minutes later. 

you know those hypothetical questions you get asked? like 'what would be the first thing you grabbed if there was a fire?' well i always thought i'd grab my bag, maybe my laptop. the usual. but you don't. all i had was my pyjamas, slippers and my phone (because i was on the phone to 999). my parents didn't take anything. not a bean. you don't even think about it. you just run. and when we were outside watching the fire grow and grow, i didn't even think 'oh for gods sake, i just bought that new skirt from river island...' or 'i really am going to miss that silver ring that turned my finger green'. i just stood there and was overjoyed that we were all ok. (admittedly, the next day was when the absolutely GUTTING feeling of 'oh i've lost all my stuff kicked in. but that's ok, i went shopping.)

the next day was a bit weird. we hadn't slept, and it was a bit of a kick in the teeth seeing it in the cold light of day. the only word that could describe it was mess. ceiling fallen everywhere, debris, burnt's making me sick thinking about it. i was automatically shipped away to manchester to stay with my bf, which was the best place for me as i could have a bed and just get away for a bit. but coming home is still a bit tough, remembering my lovely bedroom isn't there anymore with all my lovely things. it's still a bit of a sting knowing i don't have my clothes or my naked palate anymore. (generation y problems)

it's been nearly 3 weeks since the incident, and it's still very hard to get back to normality living out of bags. especially as my job is located in London where i don't live, so i feel a little bit like the suitcase kid (kudos if you get that jacqueline wilson reference). hopefully things will start to slowly get back to normal. 

i thought i'd just write it all down to tell y'all my circumstances and for any nosey parkers who wanted to know more about it. i guess it's good to write things down sometimes. like a release. 

i wanted also to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have helped my and my family the past two weeks. from the firemen, neighbours, family, friends, who have all offered help/made tea/given me some pants, it is all noted and i can't tell you how grateful i am to have such a great network around us to help in such rubbish circumstances. cheers.

see you soon x


  1. Oh wow, this is the kind of thing you just don't think happens in real life! Glad everyone is okay, I can't even imagine how weird and horrid it must be for you all right now but like you said, at least no one got hurt!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. wow you have had you fair share of bad luck, sorry to hear about your dog and I'm glad you and all your family are ok! Hope things get better/easier for you x

  3. Oh my, hun. I'm so sorry for what you've been through. I've never visited your blog before, just happened to see your post in the FBL Community on Facebook. Although I haven't been a regular reader I wanted to convey my sympathies and well wishes for all positive things in the near future. It is really true what you said, in moments such as these, the last thing we are thinking about is our material possessions, but safety and particular the safety of those we love. :-)

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  4. oh my gosh I'm so sorry you had to go through that! So glad to hear that no one was hurt xxxx

  5. oh wow, glad you and your family okay! xxx

  6. Oh my god....this sounds horrendous. So so SO lucky it woke you up, unimaginable what could have happened. I can't imagine losing all my things, it must truly be gutting but at the end of the day that's the least important thing. Wishing you and your family luck in getting back on track.


  7. omg that is so lucky that you were all fine and no one was hurt! and your house still looks lovely from the outside regardless of the half empty roof :) x

  8. Thank god you are all safe and well! Can't imagine what you have been through, must be devastating. Xxxx

  9. I'm so glad you're safe and doing okay! It must be so hard but you're an amazing girl and you'll get through it! Hope you and your family are all okay and recovering well xxx

  10. This is all so awful and I'm glad you're all okay and also to see that you've managed to keep your sense of humour! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to come to terms with - I'm thinking of you and your family!


  11. oh god, a house fire has to be one of the worst things ever! so glad you're okay though!

    Rose and Weston x

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