Thursday, 11 September 2014

My 16 Year Old Selfie

the definite word of the year is 'selfie'. whether you're taking one yourself, talking about kimmy k's latest effort, or singing along to that dreadful selfie song, you can't escape it. especially as it now has a rightful place in the oxford english dictionary. so, i thought i'd start a different blog piece: a letter to my 16 year old selfie.

despite selfies only really taking off properly the past few years, i think everyone has that hidden little folder of prehistoric selfies they took in their teens. my myspace page was full of pictures of me from awkward angles, looking far too serious, and shock horror: with no editing or filters to mask my flaws (ie. oily skin and smudged eyeliner). 

i thought it may be fun to write a letter to the 16 year old Louisa in the selfie here, giving tips on the selfie game, and the story behind the selfie.

Hey Louisa.

you're on your way to your year 11 prom, and you're sat in the car as your dad is in bargain booze. the perfect time for a candid selfie, i agree. first things first, let's talk about the outfit.

you weren't that bothered about going all out for prom. and i still applaud you for not getting a cinderella dress and spending thousands on a night out in a hall. but, in hindsight, the dress wasn't great. i know you were on a big floral hype and thought it was great to match your shoes/flower to the colour of the dress. unfortunately, the orange was a bit too much. and you are far too pale for orange, just a lil heads up. 

now. make up wise - you still have a lot to learn. you basically wore no make up to your own prom. i know that you applied a little more dream matte mousse than usual, and allowed yourself to use the tester of Bad Gal mascara you only saved for special occasions, and that should have sufficed. but maybe you should have learnt to apply a little blusher? a smidge of eyeliner? maybe even done your eyebrows. who knows. you won't ever be a make up artist, but you do learn how to apply some bad ass eyeshadow, and that's pretty cool.

the hair. i remember you got it dyed special for today with a superdrug own kit. looking sharp. just hold your breath because you will actually dye your hair brown in a few eyes...and like it. you then progress back to a *gulp* natural blonde. no more white hair. and no more side fringe, they go out of fashion. sorry boo.

we need to talk angles girl. that above your face look was doing nothing for you except emphasize just how chubby your cheeks are. that weird smirk is creeping me out as well. the lighting is all wrong as well, and you didn't get a great view of the BEST BIT: your orange flower <3 don't worry. in time you will become accustomed to the vanity of true selfies, loving a good filter and perfecting your pout as you kill that vague selfie pose.

so, last things, the story behind the selfie. well, as explained, i was on my way to my friends to get in the classic year 11 limo to prom, drinking WKDs and thinking we were bad men. it was a fun night, with cheesy music and the amazing opportunity to see your teachers pulling some serious shapes. it may seem a million years ago, but a few of those people are still your best friends. go you. 

Love, 21 year old Louisa (who still loves a good selfie).

I tag Sophie Etc, Sarah Nunn, Tattooed Tea Lady and Lisette Loves to do this :) let's see if this can be a 'thing'.

until next time xo



  1. Absolutely love this post! Might have to do one myself, if only we could have letters off our real life future selves!


  2. I love this! Made me think of my own 16 year old self, very funny thought.



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