Monday, 4 August 2014

things most 20 something year old girls think (i think)

so that is really me. behind the blog which is HEAVILY posed and styled, i am a twentyone year old recent graduate in her first job. making faces and kind of scruffy. i have read a load of lists recently about this in between age i seem to be in, and thought i'd make my own. hope you can relate.

1 - i hate having a job when all my friends snapchat me in the sun. 
2- i love having a job when i get paid.
3- i hate having a job when i get paid. it might as well just go straight to topshop/pret a manger/national rail.
4 - (when something doesn't fit) 'the sizing in here is RIDICULOUS.'
5 - (when a jay z song comes on) OMG I LOVE THIS SONG *doesnt sing until the rap bit is done*
6- (taking selfies) this will look better in valencia.
7- (taking selfies) ergh no thanks low fi.
8 - is it normal to be this fat.
10 - im fat.
11 - why waste £20 a month on a gym when i can run for free???
12 - never goes on a run.
13 - puts make up on. puts on white jeans. doesn't wash hands. #thestruggleisreal
14 - 'i don't know if we are going OUT out , or just going out?'
15 - i definitely definitely need this barry m glitter lipstick.
16 - i hate her so much but i don't know why.
17 - when someones voice literally grates your skin and you have to cover your ears. it's usually your mum. (sorry mum).
18 - when a good night is staying in and watching copious amounts of the Kardashians.
19 - crying at Khloe and Lamar's marriage. it should have been a fairytale.
20 - is kylie jenner really 16.
21 - crying at every single episode of 'don't tell the bride'.
22 - loving Peter Andre because he's SUCH A GOOD DAD.
23 - wanting candles, fairy lights and bunting but realising you don't live in a Pinterest board and anyway batteries are expensive.
24 - wanting the world, but never being bothered enough to get out of bed.
25 - having enough money to buy new clothes but never quite enough to pay your mum what you owe her.
26 - reliving freshers by flicking through your old facebook photos, liking every single one and annoying everyone on your timeline.
27 - detagging yourself from every freshers photo as you realise you were a disgusting mess of an 18 year old. and should definitely have been told about the dangers of bodycon skirts and jaegerbomb bloat.
28 - i wish i was someone's rush hour crush.
29 - having soup for dinner because you're a skinny bitch. 
30 - having 2 kitkats, a magnum and a handful of sweets after your soup because YOU EARNED IT.

and finally.

31- loving life because you're in your twenties and life is sweet.



  1. I love 11 and 12 that's so me haha
    Great post!
    Rachel XX

  2. 18, 19 and 20 were basically my whole weekend hahaha!
    Such a funny post
    Let Me Go Xo

  3. Hah I love this post, it's all so true!


  4. This is hilarious! Everything is spot on!

    Louise xx

  5. Love this! They're all spot on but number 3 is the literal story of my life! Topshop steals like, all of my money!

    Sophs xx

  6. I absolutely love this post! They are all so true! Valencia is the law and batteries are way too expensive. How did that even happen?!

    Rachael at

  7. Haha, amazing - and scarily accurate - post!

    "i wish i was someone's rush hour crush."

    I really do!


  8. Loved this post! I'm only 17 but totally relate to the Kardashian ones especially! The list is so good!


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