Monday, 11 August 2014

University Nostalgia

It’s slowly dawning on me that I will not be returning to University. I have hung up my cap and gown (literally), walked away with my degree, and therefore have had to accept that my days as a student are now over. I find myself daily thinking about the good ole’ days, telling anyone who will listen about the antics we would get up to, sounding like a war veteran rather than a 21 year old. So, I thought I’d list a few things I miss the most about my Uni Days, in hope that other graduates will wipe away their tears and remember too.

1 – awkwardly turning up on your first day and telling everyone your name, where you’re from, and what A Levels you got.
2 – once that was out the way, proceeding to share all your secrets in a lewd game of ‘I’ve Never’, learning things you may not have wanted to know…
3 – going out to a totally new city with totally new people and having absolutely NO CONCEPT AT ALL of where you are.
4 – dressing up as Tinkerbell or something similar because hey, it’s Wednesday, and why not.
5 – realising just how thin your walls were in Halls. Keep it down, neighbour.
6 – eating noodles mixed with marmite and congratulating yourself at your innovative culinary skills.
7 – sleeping through that 9am lecture the day after Halloween as it isn’t acceptable – even at Uni – to go in with white face paint and fangs to a Postcolonialism seminar.
8 – going home from uni and realising what a luxury it is to walk around with bare feet and NOT have bits of food stick to you (ie. Uncooked noodles, stray chips, puddles of sticky vodka).
9 – the agony of walking into your flat after prinks. so many bottles. So little time.
10 – the elated happiness when your parents visit and do a food shop.
11 – losing days to Netflix.
12 – coming in from a night out and deciding you are Jamie Oliver.
13 – coming in from a night out and proceeding to continue the night. Everyone loves a sing song at 4am.
14 – going to see someone from Geordie Shore/TOWIE/Big Brother ‘DJ’ at your local Oceana. Never change.
15 – being disgusted at any local.
16 – the drama that occurred when picking rooms for a house.
17 – if you got the small room, the tears and the hushed arguments. Even the UN could not sort that shit out.
18 – the arctic winter of your uni house. Your fingers were cold, you could see your breath.
19 – only being able to do your work in bed due to the freezing temperatures…
20- …proceeding to ALWAYS falling asleep when doing work in bed.
21 – Discovering that there will always be one housemate who doesn’t do their washing up. Proceeding to consistently sigh when you see a lone, dirty butter knife in the sink. The struggle is real.
22 – having an exam but your housemates are going out. Having to be the girl who drinks coke all night and goes to bed at 10.
23 – knowing a clubs playlist off by heart. Forum Nottingham you know I’m talking to you.
24 – never acknowledging that one day, your student card will be taken away from you.
25 – never quite getting over the fact that some people have Northern accents. And will therefore sound different to you.
26 – being SO SO POOR but having a new outfit everytime you go out.
27 – surviving on the absolute bare minimum but not being any skinnier. Damn you alcohol.
28 – realising that when you hear ‘weeee like to drink with Louisa……’ you must down your drink. It’s the law.
29 – achieving anything higher than 40 being an absolute win on your behalf when at school you’d have been in floods of tears at anything lower than 60.
30 – fashion being a little different. If I want to wear a onesie to the uni shop, I will. Also, if I want to wear a crop top and a fedora to lectures about Sociolinguistics, I will. Haters gonna hate.
31 – sitting next to your best pal in silence on your laptops, apart from the occasional sigh or ‘OMG look what she’s wearing’ comment.
32 – Tesco Meal Deals saving your life on more than one occasion.
33 – hitting your head against your laptop as you write another pointless essay about some author and what he meant when he said ‘the sky was blue’. Maybe he just meant the sky was blue, EVER THOUGHT OF THAT???
34 – wanting to leave and join  the real world and earn some money…..
35 – quickly realising that the real world is cold and poor and that university is a bubble that you should want to stay in FOREVER….so you do a masters. (kidding).

Freshers, I am oh-so-jealous of the adventures you are about to embark on. Graduates of 2014, let us cry into our jagerbombs.  until next time (which I PROMISE WILL BE FASHION RELATED) xo 


Monday, 4 August 2014

things most 20 something year old girls think (i think)

so that is really me. behind the blog which is HEAVILY posed and styled, i am a twentyone year old recent graduate in her first job. making faces and kind of scruffy. i have read a load of lists recently about this in between age i seem to be in, and thought i'd make my own. hope you can relate.

1 - i hate having a job when all my friends snapchat me in the sun. 
2- i love having a job when i get paid.
3- i hate having a job when i get paid. it might as well just go straight to topshop/pret a manger/national rail.
4 - (when something doesn't fit) 'the sizing in here is RIDICULOUS.'
5 - (when a jay z song comes on) OMG I LOVE THIS SONG *doesnt sing until the rap bit is done*
6- (taking selfies) this will look better in valencia.
7- (taking selfies) ergh no thanks low fi.
8 - is it normal to be this fat.
10 - im fat.
11 - why waste £20 a month on a gym when i can run for free???
12 - never goes on a run.
13 - puts make up on. puts on white jeans. doesn't wash hands. #thestruggleisreal
14 - 'i don't know if we are going OUT out , or just going out?'
15 - i definitely definitely need this barry m glitter lipstick.
16 - i hate her so much but i don't know why.
17 - when someones voice literally grates your skin and you have to cover your ears. it's usually your mum. (sorry mum).
18 - when a good night is staying in and watching copious amounts of the Kardashians.
19 - crying at Khloe and Lamar's marriage. it should have been a fairytale.
20 - is kylie jenner really 16.
21 - crying at every single episode of 'don't tell the bride'.
22 - loving Peter Andre because he's SUCH A GOOD DAD.
23 - wanting candles, fairy lights and bunting but realising you don't live in a Pinterest board and anyway batteries are expensive.
24 - wanting the world, but never being bothered enough to get out of bed.
25 - having enough money to buy new clothes but never quite enough to pay your mum what you owe her.
26 - reliving freshers by flicking through your old facebook photos, liking every single one and annoying everyone on your timeline.
27 - detagging yourself from every freshers photo as you realise you were a disgusting mess of an 18 year old. and should definitely have been told about the dangers of bodycon skirts and jaegerbomb bloat.
28 - i wish i was someone's rush hour crush.
29 - having soup for dinner because you're a skinny bitch. 
30 - having 2 kitkats, a magnum and a handful of sweets after your soup because YOU EARNED IT.

and finally.

31- loving life because you're in your twenties and life is sweet.

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