Monday, 21 July 2014

yummy times: bill's restaurant

(all food compensated for by Bills)

So, the other night myself and my boyf were lucky enough to have dinner at Bill’s restaurant in St Martins Courtyard just near Covent Garden. It’s almost like a hidden little spot just off the hubble and bubble of the busy West End, almost like a peaceful retreat just for those in the know. Just a little warning, this post is picture heavy, and will probably leave you chewing your own arm off at the end of it…….

For starters, I had the crispy lemon squid, which was out of this worldddd delicious. It was the perfect amount of batter to squid, if you get my drift. Joe had chicken in a jar, which was a sort of chicken pate with toasted bread. I don’t think he was a HUGE fan if I’m honest, but that’s probably down to personal preference and maybe ordering in a hurry (sorry Joe!)

I should also point out that I had the BEST WINE EVER HERE. It’s called the hedgerow fizz, which is wine, elderflower and blackberry. My gawwwddd it was delicious I could drink it every day just for the sugary sweet taste of elderflower – I definitely recommend this!

Our mains were DELICIOUS. I had the mac ‘n’ cheese, which has leek/asparagus/mozzarella and crisps on top. This is my favourite dinner of all time, and I was worried it wouldn’t quite match my Mums. But, don’t worry, it was DELICIOUS, so much cheesy goodness. The crisps were a fantastic little touch as well. Joe had the BBQ ribs, a personal favourite of his as well. They give you sososo much, and he demolished the whole plate – which was a sign that it was crazyyyy yummy. They offer all sorts of delicious mains, such as steaks, burgers, salads, pies…so there is definitely something for everyone on this menu.

Right. Now we need to talk about the dessert. It was out of this world.  Joe had the warm chocolate brownie, which was really rich in flavour and complimented perfectly with the ice cream served. A fine choice, and one that satisfied him. But wait until you hear about mine… I went for the special, which was a toasted brioche sandwich filled with MARSHMELLOW AND NUTELLA. Yes. MARSHMELLOWS AND NUTELLA. It was the most GORGEOUS delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. It was such a treat, as it’s not something you’d eat everyday (unfortunately), so this is what makes coming to restaurants like Bill’s so fun – something new and something different J

I would definitely recommend Bill’s to ANYONE, they’ve just opened a new one in Nottingham as well, which I may go to after my University Graduation next week J It’s also worth checking out St. Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Garden, as there are loads of other restaurants and boutiques away from the crazy London tourist traffic J

Until next time xo


  1. This all looks amazing! Definitely need to try out the dinner menu!

    I went to the Nottingham branch last week for breakfast which was pretty darn good too!

    Jess // Jess Who?

  2. I love there breakfasts and there scones are yummy too,
    Definitely my favourite restaurant at the moment
    Rachel XX


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